A white paper box,
Tied up with strings
Bearing the name
Meaning so many things,

It's all that is left of him
What's nestled inside
Powdered by fire
At the place where he died.

Looking back, a long way,
Behind the war signs,
A time far way
With out ration lines

When our country still lived
Without bombing or doom,
He was here in my arms
With the flowers in bloom.

But then came the leaflets
Advertising the war
Falling like flower
Petals outside the front door.

He wanted to join them,
The men going to fight
So he snuck away silently,
In the dark of the night.

His father searched everywhere,
From dusk until dawn,
But I was the only one
Who knew where he'd gone.

Trained to fight
For the Emperor alone
We never dreamed
That he might not come home.

When I first met him
He confused even me
With his name
Stretching on to the sea.

It's meaning came slowly
Like the love I soon gave
To the silly cartoon boy
With his own road to pave.

His timing was perfect,
The night of the kiss
I never imagined
It'd end up like this:

A white paper box,
Tied up in strings,
Bearing the name
Meaning so many things

It's all that is left of him,
But nestled inside,
Is the heart he took with him
When he left to die.