I am not exactly sure what this is.

As such, I do not know if this will be just...this, or made into a story.

I guess...you'll know when I know?

Gut Instinct.

You always hear people talking about it. About how you should trust it, no matter what. Because your gut instinct tends to be—always is—right. Whether about a person, an answer, or what you should have for dinner.

Your gut instinct is never wrong.

That is something I have heard who knows how many times in my life. And yet, the one time I should believe it, I don't.

I go against what is right because it feels so good. How could something so good be so wrong?

They just don't want me happy.

That is why, isn't it?

…isn't it?

Gut instinct…

You should always trust it.

Just thought I should say that I was struck with my inspiration for this-the first couple of sentences, anyways, while watching Taken 2 yesterday.

Um, if you read it, thank you.

If you decide to review it, thank you even more.