So, the moment I had posted Gut Instinct, this came out. I guess I want to turn it into a bit of a story, then?

Anyways, here is Chapter One of who knows how much!

I hope you like it.

It's dark out.

Stupid statement, I know, because it's midnight. Of course it's dark out.

But it's not a normal dark out. Usually you have the glow of the moon, the billions of burning stars shining in that dark blanket. But tonight… tonight, there is nothing.

The only light that is shining from the head lights of the car we rented at landing, the artificial light casting creepy shadows along the already scary looking trees that were bunched up along the side of the road.

I'm not used to this. I grew up in the city, where the only trees were in the park and along the road, placed there for the sole purpose of providing us oxygen. There was always light shining around us, from the street lights that were placed strategically along every street so that there was a tiny amount of dark placed between spots of light.

I loved the spots of light. The shadows have always scared me; have always left me feeling as if something or someone was out there to get me.

The one time I told my parents about it, they just patted me on the head and said that it's 'normal', that 'every kid feels that way about the dark; you'll get over it one day'.

They were wrong though, as they so often are. I never got over it. I never stopped feeling as if one day I would step into the shadows and disappear.

That was one of the—many—reasons that I dreaded this move. It wasn't for me, as they liked to say, it was for them. Ever since they found out about each others dirty little secret, they had been trying to find ways to one up the other in the eyes of everyone, and especially me.

I had made the idiotic mistake of saying that I had once—once—wanted to live out in the country, away from all the noise and crazy people in this city I called home. It had been a random thought, said just to see if I could manage to garner their attention.

Boy did I ever.

I didn't realize just what I had done until a week ago.

I had made that comment a month ago, and honestly it had managed to work its way to the back of my mind, to the recesses of those thoughts I didn't remember anymore. But, last week, I had come home from school to the shocking sight of all of my belongings being loaded into a moving van.

Naturally, I had flipped out. I accused the kind men of being robbers until my mom came walking out of the house, apologizing profusely to the movers as she gripped my arm to bring me inside where she proceeded to reprimand me before she finally explained to me that no, they were not stealing, we were moving.

What followed next was not pretty, and not something I am proud of. Things might have been said that cannot be taken back, and my mother and I may not be talking.


The plane ride was tense, and so far, this car ride was no better. I had no idea where we were going, and to ask would mean I caved first. That would just not be acceptable.

Glancing down I unlocked my iPod, a glow instantly lighting up my face as I searched for a new song. Skipping past the soft playlists I chose the one labeled 'I'm In A Bad Mood', setting it on shuffle and letting the angry base blare through my headphones as I looked back out the window, trying to see anything through this dark nothing.

Letting out a soft, almost inaudible sigh, I settled back into my seat, leaning my head against the window and letting my eyelids drift shut.

With the beating of the drums and the rumble of the engine, it did not take long at all for me to finally give into that wondrous thing called sleep.

Well, there was Chapter One for you..

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