Hay guise! So this is a remake of my old story, The Millionth Mile. I didn't like how I developed the story in the original one, sooooo...I made this one. Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, you'll find this story in the website under the same title and my screen name!

. . .

The Millionth Mile

Chapter One - Nanometers

. . .

Firm yet elegant hands tightened its grip on the steering wheel. Stiff legs dangle off the edges of the leather interior seats, one foot propped against the brake, the other on the accelerator.

Why did I get myself into this mess?

The brunette bit her lip as her dark brown eyes widened with each waking minute.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted him when he said he would keep his word...

Her eyes became entranced by the blazing red light and her breaths became short and quick. A hand ran through the wig that hid her lengthy, honey brown hair as she took one gulp.

"Hey, Short Stuff, we don't got all day y'know," a soft tap on her shoulder caused her to stumble out of her trance and look to her right at the blonde haired boy she calls her best friend, "even the old man behind us is getting pretty impatient. Seeing from his wrinkles, I can sorta understand why..."

A fist then jabbed the spiky haired blonde in his bicep, "HEY. Old people have feelings too, bro!"

The blonde looked back at the auburn haired fellow and shot him a sneer, "Hudson...when did you ever sympathize with the elderly?"

"Everybody deserves to be treated equally, Kellan. You should already know from the teachings of MLK Jr." Hudson replied before attempting to mess up Kellan's dirty blonde faux hawk.

"Hey, keep your dirty paws off," Kellan's hands almost immediately went up to his scalp to fix the damage that Hurricane Hudson has caused, "if you wanna fuck up somebody's hair, try Sterling's. His hair stands like the frickin' Great Wall of China."

Before Hudson was even able to look at the brunette sitting as far away from him as the back seat of a car would permit himself, the brunette shot him a glare with his light blue eyes and scoffed, "Like hell you will."

"Geez...were you guys, like, girls in another life?" Hudson muttered before nudging the petite brunette in the driver's seat, "You guys are starting to sound like She-Man over there."

Those words caused the petite brunette to tense up even more until Kellan's long hands gave her a consoling pat on her slim bicep.

Kellan then shifted his position on his seat, leaning his head against the cool glass window, "I'm pretty sure that, uh, Shaune has feelings too, Hudson."

With that, the petite brunette bit her full lips and licked her bottom lip to moisten up its dryness.

Shaune. A name that she had grown accustomed to over the past few months.

It was a name that was so familiar to her, yet it wasn't who she truly was.

"Yeah Hudson," 'Shaune' jokingly chimed in, "I have feelings too, y'know."

"I'm aware of your feelings," Hudson replied before letting out a small snicker, "your GIRLY feelings!"

"Shaune" just rolled her eyes in amusement and went along with it.

Once he figures out who the real Shaune is, I don't think he'd be joking around like this anymore.

Only one person, other than herself in the car, knows who she and the real Shaune is. That person would be Kellan - the twin's best friend since they were in diapers.

The things a sister would do for her brother...

"Shaune" sighed to herself and turned the wheel right into their first destination on this long road ahead of them.

Coney Island was bustling with visitors, as expected for the beginnings of the summer season. "Shaune" parked the car in a compact space shadowed by a small birch tree. Just as she halted the engine and turned the key out of the ignition, the other guys stepped out of the crowded car and stretched their limbs out.

"That was such a long drive..." Hudson groaned as he stretched out his triceps.

"Guys, I'm pretty sure a drive from Uptown Manhattan to Coney Island isn't that long," 'Shaune' replied, leaning against the side of the yellow Dodge Challenger, "we still have a long way to go..."

This time a whole chorus of groans from each of the boys arose.

While checking her phone for any updates or emails sent to her by her mom, "Shaune" felt a dainty tap on her shoulder. Looking up, she spotted Kellan's hazel eyes gazing into her chocolate brown ones, "Hey, uh, Shaune, can we talk for a bit?"

"Shaune" shrugged Kellan's hand off her shoulder and walked a few steps off to the side of the car - Kellan following her steps - ignoring the perplexed gazes of Hudson and Sterling.

Before uttering his next sentence, Kellan ran a hand through his spiked up, dirty blonde locks, "Sooo...about them..."

"Yeah," "Shaune" answered, her arms crossed over her flattened chest and her sneaker clad foot tapping against the pavement, "tell me about them."

"I'm sorry, Shaney, but they really wanted to go," Kellan pleaded, putting one of each hand on "Shaune's" left and right shoulder, "and you know that they're my closest buddies next to you and Shaune!"

She only responded by rolling her eyes and plopping down on the curb, her arms remaining in the same position.

"Shaneeyyy..." She looked up to find Kellan giving her the puppy dog face, "I'm berry sowwy."

Shaney let out an exasperated sigh, "How am I supposed to get through this! I was supposed to have a clean break from them, but nooo! YOU decided to make this situation even more complicated for me. Well, not only for me, but for Shaune too!"

"You gotta admit though, Shaney, you did get pretty close to them this year." Kellan gave her a smirk and nudged Shaney's shoulder.

"Well, obviously," Shaney rolled her eyes again and nudged Kellan back, although a bit harder than his own, "spending almost a year in a prestigious, all-boy boarding school, pretending to be your twin brother is rather life changing, don't you think? Especially if you're a girl!"

"Now that I think about it..." Kellan replied in mock contemplation before Shaney jabbed him in his bicep - hard, " okay! Okay! I was screwing around! Shit, can't a guy just play around for a bit? Why do you hafta be so damn serious all the time!?"

"Well, how can I not be serious when you just screwed up something that wasn't supposed to be screwed with in the first place!" Shaney grumbled, throwing her hands up in the air for emphasis.

"I'll have you know that your brother doesn't have any problem with this at all," Kellan countered, as if he was attempting to make a point, "and besides, you needed a year long vacation from all the studying you've done...you little over achiever, you!"

"I could've gotten my PhD one year earlier..." Shaney muttered before straightening her long legs before her.

"Psh. SO?" Kellan plopped down next to her and wrapped his arm around her petite shoulders, "You needed this past year to take a breath from those "Ape" Caluclus books, or whatever the hell you call them, anyways."

"It's AP, dumbass," running a hand through her wig, Shaney corrected him, "and I spent another year holding my breath in to hide my frickin' titties by practically mummifying them every single day! I woulda been happier being myself, AKA a GIRL, at Stanford."

Thinking of a rebuttal to that, Kellan tapped his index finger against his chin, "But you're one grade above our age, and you were gonna enter Stanford as a sophomore in college in the beginning of last year. You sorta needed this year to relax a bit don't you think?"

Before either of the two were able to say another word, Hudson marched up to them with his arms crossed above his chest.

"I don't know about you guys, but I sorta wanna enjoy our last day in New York here instead of standing here looking at the fun we're supposed to be having..." Hudson said, pointing his chin off into the direction of the Ferris Wheel and the sea of people walking along the boardwalk, "Sterling's basically saying the same shit too, but he's just too damn proper to cockblock you guys so that he could actually say it."

Kellan and Shaney just gave a knowing look to each other before getting off their behinds and walking off towards the sea of people.

. . .

"This cotton candy is really good," Shaney droned on yet again, enjoying her first time at Coney Island, "and this hot dog is even better!"

For a girl who's lived in New York her entire life, I've never gone anywhere past Midtown Manhattan.

Hudson snickered to himself before quipping, "I've always known you were the hot dog type..."

This caused an eruption of snickers between the trio of guys, leaving Shaney to furrow her brows in confusion.

"Isn't everybody, aside from vegetarians, the hot dog type?" Shaney replied, completely oblivious to Hudson's double entendre.

"Not really...I don't think what they eat matters..." Hudson chuckled before the other two continued to giggle like high school girls, "wait, actually..."

"Then, what the he-," Shaney stopped herself to turn around and give a knowing glare to the three boys, she then jabbed a punch into Hudson's bicep and sarcastically answered, "you are just SO damn funny, Hudson!"

"No need for the praise and honor, Shauniqua. Settle down now." Hudson said, recovering from his rounds of consistent snickering.

"Dumbasses." Shaney muttered under her breath, loud enough for them to hear, and proceeded to walk away as if she were mad at them.

With the trio of boys trailing behind her as she strode across the boardwalk, Shaney stopped in her tracks to stare into a game booth. Hanging on the wall was an almost life sized plushie of a kangaroo.

Just as the three stooges caught up to Shaney, their eyes traced her line of sight and took one short glance at the plushie before looking back at Shaney.

"What do you even need that big ass kangaroo for?" Hudson scoffed and pointed to a concession stand containing a countless line of beer on its counter, "Now this is what we all need...hey Sterling, let's go see if my fake ID would work...maybe you can try yours out too!?"

Sterling nodded his head and followed Hudson to the concession stand, leaving Kellan and Shaney behind.

As soon as they left, Shaney looked up at Kellan with puppy dog eyes and pointed over to the kangaroo.

Embarrassed by all the looks and ponderous glances he was receiving from those around them, he looked down at Shaney and gently patted her arm with a crooked smile and chuckled, "Man up."

. . .

"Now today was some GOOD shit," Hudson exclaimed as he walked back to the car, one arm around Sterling and the other around Shaney, "told you guys they'd work. See, Sterling, no need to wuss out anymore. We got proof that this ID crap is legit!"

He was triumphant over the success of his fake ID and how he was able to get two bottles of beer for Kellan, Sterling, and, of course, himself. Shaney wasn't able to get any due to her duty of being the designated driver.

"Our last day in New York went pretty well," Sterling nodded in agreement before stuffing himself into the backseat of the Challenger, "being honest here though, I don't understand why this cramped up car had to be the chosen vehicle for this trip."

All heads shot to Shaney as she felt a small blush creep on her cheeks, "Eheh...my dad wanted to see his old baby again. It's been a while."

This car isn't even my car! What am I supposed to say?

"But I thought you've never seen your dad for years because your mom didn't allow it until now...?" Hudson inquired, furrowing his eyebrows in contemplation.

I don't understand why Shaune couldn't have just paid to get his car shipped to Washington state! If he gets to take a plane from Montreal to Seattle, then why can't I? Just because I'm headed in the same direction as he is, it doesn't mean that I'm planning on driving there - IN HIS CAR. Things would've been SO much more simpler.

"Err...uh, you see, my dad bought this for me as an 18th birthday gift for me a couple of months ago." Shaney felt her face get redder by the second. When she looked up at Kellan for assistance, he merely shrugged and smirked at the shade of red her face transformed into.

Hudson, on the other hand, gave her a perplexed look, one eyebrow higher than the other, causing Shaney to blush even more when Hudson replied, "Ookay...?"

Oh, the benefits of being light toned.

"You know, Shaune, I can't even see your face but I can feel the heat emanating off of your cheeks right now." Sterling called out, therefore adverting Hudson's attention to her face.

"Damn She-Man, you look like you can play the role of the tomato from Veggie Tales right now." Hudson added in, exaggerating the moment more than necessary.

Shaney sunk into the driver's seat little by little until her head was practically hidden behind the steering wheel.

Oh Lord, please bless my soul...

. . .

"Hey guys, can we, like, stop at this Chinese restaurant over here?" Hudson suggested right after his stomach let out a loud grumble, "I'm hella hungry..."

Kellan looked over his shoulder at Hudson and replied, "I don't know, bro, I think Denny's would be better during a time as late as this."

"But Chinese sounds so much more refreshing," Hudson then shifted his gaze to the driver's seat where Shaney sat and rested a hand against her shoulder, "I'm pretty sure She-Man over here would want some. Aren't you half Chinese and half Swedish, or some crap?"

Shaney just smirked from amusement, "I'm half Korean and Swedish. You only got the Swedish part right."

"Yep. Close enough," Hudson then leaned back into the backseat with a triumphant smile playing on his lips, "it's so easy for me to remember your Swedish side because you remind me so much of the Swedish Fish candy."

Shaney furrowed her eyebrows before remarking, "Where in your right mind would you get that idea from?"

Hudson snickered and slouched even more in the cramped space he was in, "You have pretty plumped up lips for a dude, and your cheekbones are so damn high that it just emphasizes your fish face."

"Hey, you're actually right for once Hudson..." Kellan agreed as he studied the features of Shaney's face.

Shaney, on instinct, immediately blushed due to all the ponderous stares she was receiving from the three boys.

"Shaney, no need to get all red...it's only us." Before Kellan could register what he said, Shaney instantly slapped his face.

Rather than finding out the underlying meaning behind the statement, Hudson guffawed out in laughter, oblivious to what had just happened, "Shaney...another awesome name for She-Man."

Kellan cupped his now fully red cheek and gave Shaney a "What the fuck?" look, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes glaring at Shaney.

"Shit, I never knew She-Man's body guard would pull his own dick move on him...her." Hudson continued to laugh, almost to the point where he sounded like he was having an asthma attack.

With Kellan busy massaging his cheek; Shaney busy fully focusing on the road, both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel and her head bowed down in shame; and Hudson busy laughing about the whole 'Shaney' debacle, Sterling looked on in wonder. His eyes were trained on the rearview mirror where it was angled enough so that he could gaze at Shaney's red face from his seat in the back.

'Hmm...Shaney? Isn't that his twin sister?...' Sterling thought to himself, his gaze stronger than ever.

Oooooh. I can bet he's mad at me...I did slap him pretty hard...

Shaney continued to blush even more just thinking about the incident.

Stop it Shaney! Just stop...get your crap together now.

With one languid sigh, Shaney drove onto the almost empty freeway and mentally waved her good-byes to New York, leaving her a nanometer less of the rest of the miles in between.