She locks the door behind her after seeing him disappear into the elevator.

She takes a deep breath and goes for a shower.

This time, it wasn't as good as she thought it would be. He seemed nice when they were talking at the club. 'But everyone's nice when they're trying to get into your paints' she thinks to herself as she is getting out of the shower.

She put on her pajamas, takes her sleeping pills, gets her iPhone out, touches the 'notes app' and write it down the list: #28 - Kyle

She sighs, turns the lights off and tries to get some sleep.

"I don't know why I even bother" - the statement in her mind isn't clear if it's meant for the trying to sleep part or for the sleeping with yet another random guy men part.

"But he was soooo hot!" - Claire exclaims as they are both grabbing their order and leaving the coffee shop.

"Yeah. Another hot guy who I've scored. Or has scored me. I don't know. It's not gonna go anywhere. I know that. He knows that. You know that. See that old lady across the street with a cane? She knows that too."

"Oh, come on, Carol. Give it some time. We never know what will become of it."

"I'll tell you what will become of it: number 29 will soon arrive and I'll forget about number 28. Because it's just that easy. Men are just too easy."

"You say that because you're a 6-foot-tall blonde with a hot body and killer cleavage."

"Men do love them" she giggles down at her big boobs as she grabs them proudly "but you're the one to talk! Your boy loves you, Claire."

"Yeah, but before Joe, I'd only get your handouts."

"Shut up, now you're just making shit up!" they both laugh.

Carol's iPhone ring, announcing yet another text message

"Man, he's killing me today. I WILL BE RIGHT THERE!" - she types it down as she screams the words at her phone.

"I still don't know how you just won't ignore him."

"Because he's my boss. There's nothing really that I can do about that."

"Yeah, there is. Today is your day off. You can turn your cellphone off, you can ignore his texts... You don't have to do anything for him today."

"I know, but he's asking me as a friend. And it's not even work related. He just wants me to go to his place and work on his wikipedia page with him because he is too dumb to do it by himself."

"And you do it because you're even dumber than he is."

"Thanks, I love you too." Carol ironically stats "So, facebook later?"

"Yeah. Have a nice day at the 'office' today" Claire does the air quote signal and blows Carol a kiss goodbye.

"Bye bye" Carol rolls her eyes at her best friend and hails for a cab "52nd and Lexington, please" she tells the cab driver and takes a big sip of her coffee, before checking twitter on her phone.