Stumbled into

The rules were set, the moon was bright and the game began.

I sat in my hiding place at the ground floor of the main building. Covered by the shadows, I was listening hard to detect Jimmie coming. I herd the barn owl and the cicada. Apart from them, everything was peaceful. The night stayed silent until a wail tore the darkness, causing me to jump. At first I thought that one of my friends tripped in the poorly lit area and was hurt. But something was wrong with that sound. It was animal like and it came from under the ground. Forgetting the game, fearless as ever, I decided to investigate.

I walked toward the trapdoor in the floor where the sound came from. Down there was even darker then outside. I turned on the flashlight and went down the stairs. At the bottom I saw it was a corridor leading to hell knows where. Throwing last look at the direction of my friends, I went further in to the blackness. As I proceeded further, the air became compressed and it was hard to breath. Now the corridor seemed more like a tunnel dug in the stone, getting deeper in to the ground and making two or three terns before ending with some kind of dungeon.

The walls were covered in scratch marks and the floor sown with rat-bones. I walked carefully to the sound of the weeps and soon noticed a figure hunched in the far corner of the room. I could barely distinguish its' form in the darkness. When I lifted the flashlight to see better, it pressed further into the wall, whimpering softly. It was shivering like a leaf and looked very bad. Torn dark fabric, dirty brown fur and glittering chain was all I could see. I edged closer to take a better look and the creature let out a heart tearing cry, causing me to stumble back.

"Are you hurt?" I asked after recollecting myself.

I didn't expect an answer but the thing nodded shakily.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Hungry." It was a whisper and I almost missed it. But 'almost' didn't count.

I felt the lamp in my throat and couldn't bring myself to speak for a long moment. It's a man! – My brain screamed at me in the end. A man imprisoned in the dungeon of that abandoned place! The shock of the realization made me forget any caution.

"I can feed you." I stepped so close to him I could feel his frantic breathing.


"Yes, why not."

"Are you sure?" His trembling got worse, maybe from the anticipation of a meal.

"Of course, I don't want for you to suffer."

"It's a very generous offer to feed me while I'm in this state of starvation." He stood shakily on his feet. Now I saw he was a grown man but his head was lowered and I couldn't capture his face features. He extended his bony hand in my direction for support.

"It's OK. I would do – " My words were cut off by his weight on my shoulders. He wasn't supporting himself at all, yet he was so thin, I could handle with his weight.

"Thank you." His breath tickled my ear.

"Come, I'll help you out of here."

"I can't." He indicated the chain that was holding him in place.

"Don't worry, I'll go and fetch something for you."

"No need for this." He rasped. His hold on me tinted dramatically.

"But – " the sharp pain at the base of my neck startled me. Instinctively I tried to pull away but couldn't. After the wave of shock subdued, I took in the situation. His face was at my neck. His teeth were in my flash. He's going to eat me alive!

I started to struggle frantically against his tightening hold on me but the weakness he expressed earlier was gone. It was like trying to break through a solid wall. I tried to shout for help but my voice didn't come. The first time in my life I felt how weak and useless I was.

I stopped my fighting only for a second to gather some strength and then it stark me. The feeling of solid pleasure crashing in to me like a tsunami, washing away every feeling I had and bringing only heaven. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't resist. I felt I like was drowning. It started from everywhere and slowly concentrated in the groin. At this point I had to hold in to something, so I grabbed the first thing at my reach and it was him. In response he flashed himself against me and I heard a whimper escaping my throat when my erection was trapped between us.

My neck went oversensitive and every sucking motion he did, brought a new wave of pleasure, triggering the orgasm out of me.

I felt lightheaded and didn't want to move from his arms for anything in the world. My vision started to swim, and got out of focus. My hold on him was slacking and my conscious slipping away from me.

He finely pulled of my neck and I could see his face for the first time. His features blurred and I desperately wanted to see him clearly only once. Then, a moment before the darkness consumed me, my vision focused for a moment and I got what I wanted.