The emotions coursing through me

Are almost too much to bear

I hate when everyone's around me

It feels like no one's there

Life has changed so suddenly

Turning upside-down

From hell to completely empty

Silence is the only sound

I've lost the comfort of fear and pain

No one to yell cruel words

I'm so totally alone

No way to listen or be heard

I'm free from my dark cold prison

Where pain was too common a thing

The light has finally lit the darkness

I'm finally being set free

Being my own person

Is so very hard

But I'm ready to take a step

To be the one to play my cards

I'm ready to move on

I'm ready to cry all my tears

I'm ready to be my own strength

I'm ready to share my fears

No hate fills my heart anymore

Only the need to forgive

But not only is it him I must face

But my own self so that I my live

Too many years have pasted

Of me keeping my head low

It's time to hold my head high

It's my time to glow

I don't have to be hurt

I don't need to be afraid

I'm not someone's punching bag

I really do have a say