Unable to Reach You

Chapter 1: Prologue

His eyes remained unfazed - rather an indifferent form of palish blue, and was not in the description of a could shoulder. It seemed inviting, and somewhat dancing for some reason. his skin also remained pale, an appearance of someone of that is no longer living, and as if blood have no longer ran through his veins.

Nothing gave him a reason to expect her to smile - or even grin back at him.

She was the most opposite individual of him, her face had a mutual color for the living, and so happens to be more alive than the common man; dancing with flames of so many reasons even the wisest person alive could loose count of. Her eyes seemed vague, darker than usual; and the appearance was unsettling for her. The color may describe anger, irritation, rather, and hatred above all. The boy standing opposite of her had somehow learned to accept this kind of personality from her, though tonight, he had wished that she'd see the lighter side of him.

"Are you... Is everything alright?"

She merely shook her head, as if not even the smallest volume of sound could escape her lips. On top of all, she didn't move an inch, which gave him a minor fright. He stared into her darkened irises once more with an uneasy silence falling upon them, for they were to accomplish the role of a window - breaking into one's precious soul.

Her grey orbs seemed to have blacken at the moment.

He suddenly thought what his eyes had spoke to her about. As she didn't move an inch or said a single word, he didn't suppose her was to find out soon, and therefore made the only decision that was created in his mind. He walked up to her, slowly and cautiously, and wrapped his arms around her.

He felt her tense. He had never thought that she could be this tense - it gave the opposing feeling of invigoration. She looked heated, though she felt chilled. Her expression told others she was furious, though he could tell she was on the edge of sobbing faint tears. He pressed himself closer to her.

"Whatever's the matter?" he asked.

The girl said nothing.

His breath warmth her neck and so did his embrace, which warmed her entire body.

"Don't... don't leave me." she breathed, closing her eyes in fear of breaking down.

"Don't worry," he promised. "I'll be here."

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