Immortal Longing

Like tear drops from heaven,
And dew drops on petals,
She beckons me forth,
But as I reach out to touch,
She slips away, leaving me waiting for another day.

She is too small to see and too small to feel,
But I know that she wanders about,
And I must wait for another day,
I must wait for her return.

And when she returns,
I shall reach out again,
Only to see her disappear.

But I shall reach out day after day,
For my love, knows no bounds.

For she is a temptress, unobtainable and noble!
While I am but a peasant,
Who dreams and hopes for a love that never was.

This cycle shall repeat,
And I shall weep,
But reach out forever,
I shall reach out with immortal longing.


Hello, you can call me Clouds!
I usually write on fanfiction but today, I finally decided to start using fictionpress.
I really love English but it isn't exactly my first language so please go easy on my grammatical errors. But I would be really grateful if someone could point out my errors so that I can correct them!

On the poem, please constructively criticise me and tear me to shreds if you must but please don't flame me.

Hope you like the poem!