The butterfly rested onto the floor. It was Maggy. He wondered how she survived, and wondered how long she would.

You doomed him.

A small, quiet voice said. Miguel picked up the butterfly. Her wings were no longer a splendid rainbow but a storm cloud gray.

He trusted you. You doomed him.

The voice said again. Miguel glanced at the butterfly then at Dante. He didn't move.

How could you? I thought you were his friend, our friend? He trusted you. We both did.

Miguel looked around. "Who said that?"

Me. The one you hold in your hand. How could you?

"I didn't know-"

You did... Why didn't you stop them?

"I- It was too late. I didn't know he was inside."

You heard him cry. Don't lie to me, like you have lied to him.

"I was scared... I didn't know what to do. What do you mean I doomed him?"

If I die, he dies. We made a promise. He trusted you. He showed you our world. He trusted you to keep our secret, you doomed him.

He gently placed Maggy back on the floor then turned Danté onto his back. "Danté, please wake up."

He doesn't want too...

"What? Why?"

I told you... He saw you there, he knew you were there... He knew what you really were...

Miguel felt his eyes sting with tears. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry Danté. I never meant for you to get hurt." There were sirens wailing, getting closer. Miguel watched as the Tree continued to burn. All that Danté worked for, cared for, all his leftover memories of the good times, more than half of the remaining existence of the Rainbow Butterflies, were gone. "I'm sorry Danté."

Coming soon...

Hey it's me. You're probably upset and glad that I'm adding a new story. The chapters will be coming along quickly and chapters for other stories will not be up until I get a new charger for my old trusty but brain-dead laptop! I have a lot of surprises for you, the readers, when I finally get it working again. You'll love me! But yes. The reason why it's called "Butterflies" is because
the story has a lot of butterflies in it like Maggy. The butterflies kinda sorta time travel, and they can reveal the future. More about them as the story goes along. I hope you liked the sneak peek! And yes, I do have to much time on my hands... Don't judge me!