As you can see, my idiot self forgot to put an author's note at the end of the last chapter. The teacher's are from a different story that is not posted here. Ms. Démon was first. She's supper Bi-polar but is a nice lady. Her sister, Ms. ángel, is 100 times more bipolar. But she is also nice. They are Identical twins aside from the hair and eyes. Dante is kinda sorta a downer, his brother is an a-hole and you'll discover Miguel. Well, enjoy chapter two!

Dante ended up missing school the rest of the week. Miguel would bring him his work at the end of the day and pick it up in the morning. Dante was cursed out by his mom for his appearance and Michael kept bothering him.

Do I?

Do I have to live much longer,
For this pain to go away?

Do I have to-

"Whatcha working on?" Dante sighed. "Do you enjoy ruining my plans?" he asked Miguel. The Black and White haired male smiled. "Thinking about making it a hobby. So, what were you working on?" he asked, pointing to the journal that was on Dante's lap. "It's nothing." Dante replied, trying to put it under his bed. "Let me see." Miguel said, making a reach for it but Dante pulled it away. "It's nothing." he repeated. "If it's 'nothing' you'd let me see it!"


5 minutes later, Miguel was sitting on Dante's back, the journal in his hands. "Don't read it!" Dante pleaded. But Miguel opened it and began to read. "Get Off of me!" Dante whined. "These are good." Miguel said.


"Yeah! I like the one about the butterfly."

Dante blushed. "I wrote that when I was seven." he mumbled.

"Really?! You wrote so well! I like the picture also, it looks so real!" Miguel exclaimed.

"It is. I snapped that picture of the butterfly."

He looked at Dante in disbelief. "But It's wings colors are Rainbow!"

Dante nodded. "They're very rare, and can live about 5 years. They used to come by because of my mom's garden, but ever since dad died, it hasn't grown."

Miguel heard the sadness in his voice. "Sorry." he said.

"It's nothing. At least he got to be my dad." Dante was quiet for a moment. "Why are you still sitting on me?! GET OFF!"

On Tuesday, Dante was back in school. He and Miguel became inseparable, though there were times where there were sneak attacks from the bullies, but Miguel was always there to patch him up.

Jack: Hair: Black
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 185 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Age when died: 39
Looked: 27
Skin: tan

Eliza: Black and blonde
5' 4"
Age when died: 37

Dehlyla: Knee length brown
5' 3"

May-Lee: Strawberry Blonde
4' 5"
slightly pale

Sarenity: Silver-blonde
5' 1"

Miguel still worried about Dante's refusal to eat, but he never forced him too, actually far from it. He would try to give Dante a spoonful of food while being playfully seductive. Dante would seductively reply then flick the food at Miguel, always starting a food fight. As much fun as the two had and the secrets the told each other, there was one Miguel was keeping and the more time he spent with Dante, the harder it was to keep it.

"Hey Miguel?" Dante asked as he stopped writing. "Yeah?"

"I was wondering, would you help me grow my mother father's garden?" He stared at Miguel with the puppy eyes. "Sure." he answered.


"Yeah, I don't mind."

Dante jumped up. "Grab your shoes and follow me."

"How much further Dante?" "We're almost there!" Dante was leading Miguel to a place no one knows about. They soon came to a giant Oak tree that had a large gaping hole in it. "We're not going in there are we?" Miguel asked. Dante went in and began to climb up. "Come on!" he shouted. Miguel hesitantly began to climb, unsure of his friends sanity. He began to panic when he reached a dead end, with no sign of Dante. Something opened on the left then he was almost blinded by a bright light. "Took you long enough. Come on!" he was pulled into the light and found himself sitting on solid ground. "Sorry about the light. A magnifying glass is kinda the security system, but you can open your eyes now." When Miguel opened his eyes, a Butterfly was flying in front of him. "Maggy that's rude." the butterfly then flew away, enabling Miguel to see the forest-like setting. "What is this place?" he asked. "This is where the last of the Rainbow Butterflies live. The light you saw was sunlight shining through one of the magnifying glasses. My Dad built the space, I just filled it." A butterfly landed on Dante's nose, opening and closing it's wings slowly. "It looks just like the one in the picture."

"It is. Her name is Maggy." Miguel blinked. "But I thought you said 5 years?" "She's different." Dante got that sad look again, but it was gone and replaced by happiness. "As soon as the garden grows again, they'll be able to fly around until winter. Every one of the Rainbow Butterflies like different flowers, unlike the regular ones. Maggy for instance, loves Roses, and Necter loves Violets. So are you sure you're in? We're gonna need A LOT of flowers." Dante held out his hand then Miguel took it. "Remember you shook on it, no turning back."

Dante stared at the food in front of him as if it had eyes. "Is everything OK?" Ary asked her youngest son. Michael began to eat Dante's food. "I'm not hungry mom." he replied. "Just try to eat a little OK?" Dante shook his head. "No mom, Michael can have it." With that, he excused himself and went upstairs to his room. He drifted off to sleep only to be woken up at 3 am by a stomach ache. The first thing he noticed was the blood on his pillow and blanket. Dante stood up then stumbled to the bathroom. By now, his shirt was soaked with blood he realized was coming from his nose. "Mom!" he called. He was getting so light-headed, so weak and dizzy, his legs ended up giving out beneath him, then his world went black.

Dante ran his fingers over the goosebumps on his arms. He's been in the hospital for 2 months now. This was one of his weekly check-ups and was Not looking forward to seeing Dr. Octavian after his check-up 6 months ago. "Hello again Dante." Speak of the Devil. "And a hello to you too Dr. Octavian." Dante greeted back, trying not to let his teeth chatter. "How have you been these past 6 months?" the Doctor asked as he took off his glasses and stared at Dante. "G-good I guess. I was f-fine 3 months ago and now it's w-worse since I'm talking to you. "Octavian chuckled. "What's so bad about me?" he asked. Dante attempted to scoff but it came out as a sneeze. "You keep telling me what I already -ACHOO!- know." He said. Octavian's face quickly became serious. "I've checked your records. The inside of your body was a total mess! The bone over your eye was cracked, you had five broken ribs, we had to replace your knee-cap, one of your ribs punctured your lung, you seem to have had two teeth caught in your throat and you're missing the tip of your tongue." Dante raised an eyebrow. "Is t-that it?" Again the Doctor smiled. "As usual, you're not surprised. (Eye roll by Dante) The x-ray they took of you showed a suspicious mass in your stomach." Dante rolled his eyes again. "And you notice now? Super idiots." he said. "I wish you would take this seriously. You are severely under weight, you haven't eaten in 6 years Dante." Dante frowned. "Well it's not my fault that I'm never hungry and can't taste anything! It's like my tongue doesn't exist! ACHOO! Can't you put some heat in this place?! Go- ACHOO - d!" Octavian chuckled at the sneezing teen. "This isn't- ACHOO- funny!" Dante kept on sneezing and Octavian kept on laughing until a nurse walked in. "Dr. you're needed in the operating room." she said. Dante looked at the Doctor and wondered when he had put his glasses back on.

"Thanks for visiting me"

"No problem. Besides, what are friends for?" Miguel said as he smiled at Dante, making him blush. Dante muffled a "Hm?" when Miguel suddenly kissed him. His eyes slowly closed as he began to kiss back. In his mind, he wanted more but meanwhile in Miguel's head, sirens were going off. 'Stop it while you can and call it a joke!' 'But I really want this, I want him' The kiss was broken by a deep menacing growl. And the color from Dante's face (if any) turned really pale. Miguel turned around and paled also. Ary snatched up Dante and darkened her already soul-ripping glare at Miguel. "You can be friends with my son, but if you touch him again, I will chop you into pieces, bury those pieces around the world, turn your skull into my personal goblet, then I'll torture your soul so badly, you'll be begging to got to hell, TRY ME!"

"M-mom? He didn't kiss me, I kissed him." Ary dropped Dante, then her expression changed. "Oh ok! Just don't let it happen again son." She sent Miguel another glare then helped Dante up. "Um, m-maybe I should go." Miguel said. "No don't go-" Ary covered her son's mouth. "Yes maybe you should."

Miguel sigh. Nothing was going as planned. He wasn't suppose to kiss Dante. He just looked so adorable especially when he blushed. He shouldn't be having thoughts like these, not about Dante. And yet, he did and tried to dismiss the feelings he was developing. 'You are not in love with Dante, you are not in love with Dante...' he repeated over in his mind. But the more he did, the dirtier the images of Dante, scattered themselves across his thoughts, as if someone dumped out a box full of them. Just when he was about to go crazy, a ball of sunshine tackled him down with a hug. "Miggy you're home!" she squealed. Miguel hugged her back. "How was school?"

"It was fun! Today we had a race cause Jami said boys are faster than girls, so we ran and I was winning but Jamie wanted to be a cheater-pants and tell the teacher that I called him stupid but I did that last week but I still got yelled at so we raced to the -oomph!" Miguel shoved a candy bar into Amber's mouth. She was still talking but it was muffled. Amber had the tendency to talk with never-ending sentences, so chocolate is shoved into her mouth to calm everyone's nerves. "*Gulp* And that's why the grass turned purple. How was your day Miggy?" Miguel shrugged. "It was good. I went to got visit Dad. He's coming home late but he said that he hasn't forgotten his promise, now who wants ice cream?' the look on Amber's face, the look of trust and innocence, kept Miguel's mind away from Dante, at least for today.

Well that's the end of chapter two. The rest should be up soon. Hasta Luego!