I stand at the end of the aisle, next to the groom, a false smile plastered on my face.

I look around to see Claire, a vision in white, walking down the aisle.

I clap Anthony on the shoulder and whisper, "Here she comes."

At that Anthony turns and looks at Claire, with an expression of utmost adoration on his face. I wish he'd look at me like that.

As they get married, I try to think of a rational reason for me wanting to be held by Anthony, but there isn't one. I love him, that's the only excuse I've got.

Anthony turns to me, his crystal blue eyes sparkling happily, and says, "Can you believe it? I'm married."

I mutter something unintelligible and walk quickly down the aisle, Anthony's words ringing in my ears. I squint in the bright sunlight and make my way over to the shade of an old oak tree near to the door of the church. I lean against the trunk and breathe slowly.

The congregation makes their way outside to have pictures taken. I can see Anthony in his suit.

He's run over this way.

I take my tie off as its constricting my breathing now that he's kneeling in front of me.

"Dude what's up? Why did you run?" Anthony asks, his ash blonde hair falling in his eyes.

"Because..." I start, then my throat closes up. I shrug and stare into the sky. I can't tell him I love him. I can't.

"Yes?" He prompts gently.

Damn, I can't resist him. I have to tell him.

"Because..." I swallow, "Because I love you." I say in a clear, unwavering voice.

Anthony looks shocked.

"But it doesn't matter anymore, does it?" I say, gesturing at the bewildered Claire, "Not now that you're married."

I pick up my tie, sling it around my neck and walk away from the love of my life.

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