Chapter 1

Katie Minsley raised her hand for the fifth time in less than 10 minutes to answer the question Mr Kings had given 10Y in their History lesson today. The topic was Christopher Columbus. "Sir, Columbus believed that he had landed in Japan right? So, no one knew that they had already found a new world, they just thought they were in a part of the world that they already knew." Katie explained as Mr Kings asked 10Y where Christopher Columbus landed. "That's right Miss Minsley; the crew thought that Columbus was crazy when he said he was going to travel around the world, so it was hard for him to actually get a crew. Right then 10Y, next lesson I want a page of what you can find on Columbus on my desk." Then the bell went signalling the end of class and the beginning of lunch.

Katie ordered her usual, chicken salad with mayo. She sat at her usual table, on her own. Everyone thought that Katie was a geek, not to mention weird, just because she liked different music or because she wore different clothes or because her parents picked her up from the car park after school whilst everyone else had cars and went straight to parties until late. The only person that Katie would talk to is her neighbour, Matthew Davies (or Matt as Katie called him). He was the same age as Katie but went to a different school. Matt had blond hair and eyes that were the shade of green that Katie loved. Just as Katie started to eat her salad, she received a text. It was from one of the cheerleaders, Lola Minks; everyone had everyone's number at Millennium High School. It read 'Hey geek, need help with history homework, im sure u could help right? lol' Katie looked over at the cheerleaders and they all laughed, knowing she had received the text. Katie turned back around sighing and put her phone back in her bag and finished her chicken.

The rest of the school day was a bore for Katie; the final lesson was Religious Education. Katie was a pagan so she didn't find any interest in the lessons, all Mrs Hupton talked about was either the Christian religion or the Jewish religion. This time though, the topic was the holocaust. Katie had plenty of information about that. She had read "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" plenty of times and had only just finished reading the diary of Anne Frank! "The Nazis was an organisation formed by Adolf Hitler. They were trained to wipe out the Jews or anybody who Hitler thought wasn't a "pure German." If you were a pure German you would have blue eyes and blond hair. The Jews would be sent off to concentration camps such as Auschwitz. There they would be forced to work and then later, when the Nazis had no more need for the Jews, they would send them to have a "shower" before being gassed." Mrs Hupton explained whilst showing the class pictures on the interactive whiteboard. Mrs Hupton moved her greying hair out of her eyes so she could see properly. "So, does anyone have any questions? No? Ok then, let's move onto the work. Turn to page 120. Answer questions 1-6 using the page opposite to support your answers." The whole class groaned and sighed but got on with the work. The rest of the 30 minutes remaining of the lesson seemed to drag on for Katie. Then at the usual time, the bell signalling the end of school went and Katie grabbed her books and hurried home, today she was allowed to walk home.

Katie got home around the same time that Matt would get off the bus from his school, Littlewood High. He was everything Katie dreamt of, captain of the football team, popular guy at school but, not her type. Katie was more of the gothic, but geeky, type, the girl who would listen to any music that was playing in school but the minute she would get home or put her headphones on it would be My Chemical Romance or AC/DC or Evanescence. Just as Katie turned the corner she saw the pale yellow school bus pull away, leaving Matthew standing on the pavement outside waiting for Katie to come down the pathway. "Hey Matt! Over here!" Katie smiled and waved as she started running down Castle Avenue. "Hey Kate! How was school?" replied Matthew with a warm smile, accompanied by a hug. "The usual, being called a geek again" Katie sighed with a shrug. "Aww hun, they are just jealous of your smartness, I've told you before" Matthew grinned "I know Matt, and that's why I can beat you to the house!" Katie shouted pushing him and running down the street "Don't forget, who the football captain is here Katie" Matthew replied running to catch up with her. Once they got to their houses, Katie said goodbye to Matthew giving him a hug, then went inside, her black hair moving in front of her eyes to hide her very dark, almost black, eyes. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Katie dumped her bag in the hallway and noticed a note by the telephone. It was from Justine Minsley, 'hey Kate, me and dad have gone out shopping won't be long, love you' Katie sighed and went up to her room which was three stories up, the top floor.

Katie loved drawing, whenever she got home and there was nothing to do, she would lock herself in her room and draw. Katie checked the time; 15:47, then put her headphones on and blasted Evanescence 'Going Under'. Then she went to work on her new creation. An emo girl holding a black rose, with some white petals, with blood dripping from her wrist onto the rose. Katie gave the girl coal black hair with blood red highlights, her eyes being brown. Once finished Katie admired her creation, "Perfect" she thought to herself. She checked the time again 16:17. Katie took her headphones off and just as she did Justine and David Minsley walked through the door. "Darling, we're home! And we've got a guest for dinner! You'll like this guest!" Katie put her drawing into a black folder with the rest of her creations and ran downstairs stopping on the second floor stairs, in the hallway she saw Matthew, standing with his hands in his pockets. "Mattie!" Katie smiled running down the final flight of stairs. "Hey Katie!" Matt replied returning the smile, taking his hands out of his pocket and picked Katie up to give her his usual welcoming hug. "Do you like spaghetti Bolognese Matthew?" David shouted from the kitchen, he always called Matthew by his proper name. "Delicious Mr Minsley!" Matt replied. "Call me David, Katie why don't you take Matthew up to your room sweetheart? I'll call you when dinner's ready" "Sure Dad, come on Matt I want to show you my drawings!" Katie took Matthew's hand and took him upstairs to her room.

"So this is your room huh? Neat! It matches your personality, creative," Matthew said looking around the room "how come I've never seen your room before?" "Because we've only ever been in the living room or the dining room Matt" Katie smiled "Oh right yes I know now, so where's your drawings then Miss Minsley?" said

Matt with a very posh English accent walking around her room like an inspector. "Right here Mr Davies" Katie replied beaming returning the accent, holding up a black folder. Matthew pretended to pull out a pair of glasses and slip them on "Right then what do we have here? Wow! Very good drawings and creations, Miss Artiste of the Year!" Matthew replied gobsmacked "Very funny Mattie but they're not that good. My favourite is the one at the back that I did today." Katie said calmly pulling out the recent drawing of the girl with the black rose, containing a few white petals with blood dripping from her wrist onto the rose. "Wow. That's all I can say is, wow!" Matthew replied mouth hanging open. "You are a really good drawer aren't you?" He said turning round to face Katie and bringing her towards him so that she was a foot away from him. Katie could feel his minty fresh breath on her face; he put his hand on her cheek and brought their lips closer together. "Katie?!" Katie's dad. He ruined the moment that Katie had been waiting for a long time, since she became close to Matthew. Katie pulled away from Matthew "Yeah dad?!" Katie shouted back down the stairs. "Food's ready! Matthew do you want cheese on your Bolognese?!" David replied "Sure Mr Mins-I mean David!" Katie tugged Matthew's shirt sleeve "Come on, let's go eat" and with that Matthew followed Katie downstairs.