Chapter 4

Matthew sat awkwardly on the end of Katie's bed. Katie felt guilt for acting the way she had. "I'm really sorry Mattie, it's just that the way people are treating me in school is getting on my nerves now and they just won't go away. You've got to understand me Matt, I'm getting more and more stressed everyday because of them. Normally I would draw to get the feelings out of me, but obviously because I haven't today I still had the feelings and emotions in me, so when you did what you did I just lost it. I am so sorry." Katie sobbed before she placed her head in the palms of her hands falling sideways onto her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. "Hey, it's okay Katie! Everybody loses it sometimes. I nearly lost it once; my parents had been arguing the same morning, so I was angry because it was over nothing. Anyway, we were playing football in school, and obviously I was thinking of my parents, not about the game so I was playing badly, my team ended up losing. Everybody blamed it on me. My best friend Hugh came over to me to see if I was alright, I needed to get the feelings out of my system, let's just say Hugh was lucky I calmed down in time before I punched him." Matthew draped his arm over Katie's shoulder, rubbing her shoulder soothingly. "I just don't know what to do anymore though Matt." Katie placed her head on Matthew's shoulder, still sobbing. Matthew kissed Katie's forehead. "Well for a start, you've got to stop that" Matthew nodded towards her wrist. "You're putting your life at risk by doing that. Katie nodded, sniffling. "Okay, second, you can't just stop being yourself because of what other people think about you. If people don't like it, tough shit I say to be honest." Katie gawped; she had never heard Matthew swear before. "Promise me you won't change for other people." Matthew said sternly, looking deeply into Katie's eyes, moving a strand of her hair out of her hazelnut brown eyes. "I promise Matt." Katie returned the stare into his lime orbs.

Katie had thrown out nearly all her items in her wardrobe trying to find something that matched, she still had another two hours to get ready so she had plenty of time. 'Okay then,' Katie thought to herself "It's time to find that bag" Katie finished off, talking to thin air. She looked around her room to find the bag from the Goth shop down the road from her that contained the $80 outfit she had bought for today. "Where are you?" Katie sing-songed looking around the room, then out of the corner of her eye there was the familiar purple and black bag.

Katie pulled her leather jacket on and admired herself in her full length mirror. The outfit Katie had bought was a bouncy skirt, with tights and 2 inch lace-up heels. On the top half was an Alice Cooper top with a heavy purple pendant hanging from her neck. 'Okay' Katie thought 'I'm ready, let's face these bitches.'

As Katie walked through school, she felt everybody's gaze burning into her back. She gripped her bag tighter, trying to keep her head facing forward, not trying to look to uptight. The only people Katie wasn't looking forward to seeing were Lola Minks and her friends. Katie's first lesson was Maths. 'Urgh great' Katie thought to herself shoving her timetable back into her bag. As she walked down the corridor she saw Justin Killop. He looked her up and down and smiled slightly, his girlfriend, Kimberly Kelugh, seeing this, nudged him roughly in his ribs. Justin immediately snapped back to Kim.

"Right class books out please! Dates in your book, the heading is practise for GCSEs." The class groaned as they put then heading in their book for about the fifth time in 2 months. "Mr Nuley we've done this topic 5 times, why are we still doing this?" Lola asked Mr Nuley as he made his way down to the front of the class to start the lesson's work. "Because Miss Minks you need a hell of a lot of practise to get through these GCSEs now don't you? Yes? Good now let's move on." Mr Nuley turned to the whiteboard and started writing notes on the board for the class to copy down. Katie put her hands through her hair, not being able to concentrate. She looked around the class and could see Lola and her little group glancing over to Katie, looked at her outfit and turning to each other to whisper and giggle.

"Where are you going, you little slag?" Lola sniggered as she pushed Katie into a nearby locker. " my next lesson" Katie replied, trying not to show how scared she was. "And what would that be?" Lola's friend Justine Kilby sneered. "What's it to you?" Katie returned the sneer. Lola scoffed "You're turning into a little minx aren't you? Thinking you can wear whatever and not be bullied, act however you want without being punished. Well guess what, you thought wrong." Katie ducked, just missing a punch from Lola, aimed at her cheek. Kimberly pushed through the crowd to get to Katie. "I remember you from this morning; you think that you can get boys to check you out huh? Well, we'll just see about that!" Katie grunted, as Kimberly punched her stomach. "Why can't you guys just stick to what you do best?" Katie moaned, clutching her painful stomach. "And what would that be?" Lola snarled, daring her to say her worst. "Doing make-up, hitting on boys, making girls lives a misery and..." Katie's voice trailed off at the end. "What was that? I didn't quite hear you" Kimberly joined in. "Giving out blowjobs" Katie snarled back. Lola's eyes darkened, as her fist curled into a ball and it flew out and connected to Katie's stomach.