Vlks in Passing

The guide – Salasun

Many rock structures and not-quite formed islands floated around and in between the may island towns on IllL. The structures often changed and thus avoided by the citizens of IllL. Only the Vlks, shunned and exiled Neuns or Reurs who bore too much resemblance to theirs cousins lurking in the oceans below lived here in this changing landscape. There were few Vlks that lived out here amidst the unformed constructs; called The Rock, and even fewer who survived long enough to escape to The Rock.

I am a guide, my job is to guide the new born Vlks deep into The Rock where the Neuns and Reurs did not roam. I was born a Vlk 25 years before today and 10 years prior I became the new Vlk guide upon the death of Orisun. With the implementation of Vlk guides over 30 years ago, the Vlk population out here has been steadily growing as more and more newborn Vlks escape the clutches of the Inlanders or citizens of IllL. We lived modest, primitive-like lives out here, but now as the population changes to the young, they have grown confident. The fledgling Vlks are rash and over-confident where the Elders simply wish to keep peace between us and those who exiled us. The young crave there once known cities where many spent their childhoods, and thus the tension between the Fledgling Vlks and the Elders grow.

Year 185 – 22 years after official exile of new breed, having found Vlks to be too dangerous and volatile. They are prone to violent fits of rage and have thus been deemed unfit to live within the walls of Society. They are to be arrested or killed on sight.

I sat amidst the small rock cluster, my light brown hair, cut short with a blade, damp from the morning mist. I Smoked a Tsll pipe I'd snagged off some Neun in the nearby town. Nearby I could hear the humdrum of machinery whirring to life in the close-by factory district as employees started the steam engines. It was dawn and a warm breeze blew on occasion in the cool morning, warning me not to stick around too long lest I get blown off the small boulders. I had been sitting here waiting since early yesterday evening. One of the Vlk elders had given me information on a Vlk newborn who I was to pick up and escort to him immediately. They were supposed to arrive here a day ago. When a Vlk was late it usually didn't mean anything good for the Vlk newborn we were sent to fetch or the guide themselves. Vlks were intimidating in groups, but Vlk guides traversed alone. I dumped the ashes of the Tsll leaves against the rock as I continued my watch of the factory district.

Alarms started to blare over the steam engines and machinery, telling me what I already knew. It was time to leave. I put out my Tsll pipe and tucked it into my small leather bag I carried on my person then lept of the rock I had positioned myself on and to the next nearest one. I moved quickly away from the Neun town, not wanting to get caught up in whatever trouble the Vlk newborn had following them. As I navigated my way through the twisting and ever-changing pathways of The Rock, I stopped short and hid behind a decent sized rock. There was currently only one path open that lead to The Rocks center and it was currently blocked by a non-Vlk stranger. The figure was petite and a Reur, as was suggested by the dark purple hooded cloak they wore. All Reurs wore a hood of some kind, hiding their eyes from one another as was dictated in their culture. Some former Reur Vlks still followed this custom.

"I know you're there." Her voice was soft yet confident, quiet yet loud in the stillness. I couldn't tell if she was looking in my direction or not though so I played it safe and stayed where I was. The increase in wind pressure told me I wouldn't have to wait long before a new pathway opened up to The Rocks.

"Please stop wasting my time Mr. Salasun" She sighed in exuberance. I frown as my name left her lips, and slowly rose from the place I had hidden.

"How do you know my name?" I asked her, my lime colored eyes glaring suspiciously at her. Not many knew the name of a guide, not even other Vlks. Her lips curled upwards as she smiled.

"You may call me Amien and I have a proposition for you."