Before I continue I would like to mention that the next few chapter are merely character introductions that will give you a feel for what the characters like and also whats going on in the world. Unfortunately, they are also rather short. The actual chapters will be much longer, I promise.

The GuideHiali

I scratched at my navy blue wetsuit, pulling the material from my skin before flipping the page of the book on Steam Engines. My plaited dark blue skirt spread out around me as I floated around my zero gravity room, books upon books floating around the area, along with many other random assorted items. Scarce furniture lay attached to the floor below. Lights in the ceiling gave off artificial sunlight. Most of my possession were books, from a variety of subjects: History, Medicinal, Essays, Literature, but most of my books were on Technology and the advancements they made. The room I called my own was one of a few anti-gravity rooms on IllL, and I only got away with having it because my parents were Tech-scribes. I am to one day become a Tech-scribe as well. I have no interest in being a tech-scribe though, I loved building things with my hands and all tech-scribes did was tell machines what and what-not to do.

But of course, I was their daughter and only child, and as a Neun it was my duty to become the next tech-scribe. There was no way for me to escape the fate that lay out before me. As a prepubescent Neun it was impossible to leaves the confines of the house or risk death by suffocation as I would not be able to keep myself from going to the skies above. We Neuns were filled with large amounts of Zrlo and as a result gave off a variety of shades and tints of blue, our eyes were also black slates, and worst of all, we children could not set foot into the outside world until we were of a certain age, or fear of disappearing to the worlds above.

I am only nine years old and I already know I do not want to become a tech-scribe like my parents. I have little interest in the field, but also little choice in the matter. The feeling of defeat already encases me, but still I hope and long for a chance to become something more. My path in life was set. Once I am of age, I must become a tech-scribe, as dictated to me by my people.

My book on Steam Engines lay before me but I no longer read the words on the pages. I had lost myself to my thoughts and time had passed before I realized it. Looking towards my clock that floated nearby I was told it was passed dinner time. I moved towards my chest, bolted to the ground, and shifted through it, preparing for bed. I did not bother to go make dinner much less eat. No one was home besides me, as was normal. My parents were tech-scribes and were often too busy to come home and simply found it easier to stay at work, to avoid coming home to me, and each other as well. A loud sharp sound screeched through the air as all the power went out. My book hit and tumbled across the floor along with my other belongings. I heard the glass break in my clock. Red lights flickered on as the back-up generators kick in. I groaned In frustration and glided towards to air-tight door that lead outside my room, intent on fixing the lack of power to my home. I stopped near the door the and did not leave. Outside I could here people; strangers. I rose up further and tucked myself as best I could with no place to hide amongst the red lights in the ceiling. The voices outside my room were muffled but some of the conversation still drifted through.

"She's too young!" a clear and male voice protested. Another deeper voice responded but was too quiet for me to make out the words.

"Can't you think for yourself and not what others tell you?! Just because you're a Reur doesn't mean you can just trample over us!" There was a slam as the male who was speaking rather loudly, got slammed into the wall beside my door. The other male spoke again calmly and still too quiet for understanding.

"Your arguing is not resolving anything and is likely just frightening her." A soft, feminine voiced carried through my door.

"Regardless of either of your opinion, the decision is rightfully hers." She informed the other two intruders. The door slid open quietly in once fluid motion and in stepped a short women covered by a thick, long purple cloak. In stepped the two assumed male intruders behind her. The smaller man looked ruffled and his dark hair that clung to his face awkwardly could not hide the glare he had on his face, his lime-green eyes drilling holes into the floor at his feet. His feature were immediately distinct; he was a Vlk. The taller and more muscled man stepped more calmly into the room with almost an air of tranquility and suspicion combined. The man wore metal-plated armor that hide his body and face carefully from sight. His eyes were however still visible; they were a striking dark blue. The girl with the ash blonde hair looked up towards me. The bright blue eyes stared into my black ones.

"Hello Hiali." She smiled warmly up at me.

"Who...are you? What do you want?" I asked trying to keep any inflection from my voice and failing terribly.

"My name is Amien and we've come to ask for your help."