Lying in the grass under the night sky I could never seem to keep the smile off my face and the flutter of gentle butterflies out of my stomach. This place made me happier than anything before, though something not so great happened here a few years ago. There was a massacre, a terrible battle if you can truly call it that which cost many great warriors their lives. . .

"Sire! The undead are approaching! We must take up arms to defend our home now! If we do not than the Xvarian Empire will surely be handed control of Avalon!" The young recruit was panicked, worried, and unsure of this leader. Something about him seemed . . . unjust? That was not it, their Captain seemed corrupted. He had not been himself in the past weeks, and more than usual he was lashing out at his soldiers.

"Silence recruit! You have no rank in this formation, and you have no right to speak to me in such a disrespectful manner!" The captain backhanded the recruit and watched him fall to the ground hard, his arm twisting the wrong way when he landed.

The cruel captain walked over the recruit's injured body to stand closer to the front of the formation before walking out into the open to address his charges. Grimly his eyes fell onto those that we had sworn to protect, said that he would die for, and whose family's he promised that they would return home. With a sigh of despair the Captain knew that this would not be the case, many men would die here today, and it would be solely his fault. There was no way he could protect them from the Undead Horde approaching, they all knew it.

"Men, I am not going to stand here and lie to you. We all know that none of us are going to make it out of this alive. Avalon's ruler has sent us here to die, as you are all aware. I will not pretend that this is fair, or that it is just. Nor will I sit here and pretend that I believe in Avalon's ability to withstand this Horde without us at her side. I only pray that after we fall, there will be many more Undead humanoids littering this field than there are of us.

"Men, we are going to die and it is not going to be a pretty death. It will be brutal, and it will sure as hell be violent. If you wish to desert now, I will not blame you. You will not be charged, and you will be free to go. For those of you that wish to fight with me, I want you to know a few things first. . ."

The Captain sighed softly, he was never good at showing emotions to his charges, he never wanted to see any of them die. While he waited it became clear however that this would be exactly what happened for not a single of his formation faltered. They stood tall and proud, ready and willing to give their lives for their home of Avalon.

"First, I am proud of you all, I love you all as my own family and I pray that we are together again in Summerland. Next, I apologize for how I have acted in the past few weeks. Lastly, I will make sure that somehow the legend of this night lives on and that the Xvarian Empire is destroyed forever. I don't know how, and I don't care, but I will make sure that you are all honored for your sacrifice even if I must come back from the dead myself to do it!"

His charges gave a cheer, but the brave Captain knew it was false. He would have no way of making this known, no way of his legacy or that of his formation living on. There was only one left thing to do: to die for Avalon.

"Men, I say that we take down as many of these Undead bastards as the Gods will allow us in the name of Avalon! Let us show the Xvarian Empire that Avalon will not lie down and die! It is time to show them that we will not let me take our home from us! Men, to arms! Today is a great day to die for Avalon!"

With that the Captain led his men into the fray from which none of them would survive. They gave their life for Avalon, to try to stop the Xvarian Empire at their doorstep. Every man on that battlefield deserved the highest of honors that Avalon would bestow on their military, but nobody would know of their sacrifice.

I was there; I saw it all from the shadows. . . I still remember the fierce determination with which that brave Captain led his men into the fight, and I will never forget the sacrifice that was made for my home, for Avalon. You see, the Captain, the bravest in Avalon's history and the greatest military leader Avalon has ever had, was my grandfather.

I will see his death avenged even if I have to walk up to the Emperor and kill him myself.