Love knocked her out and threw her down

Love left her scarred and on the ground

Love laughed at her when all seemed lost

Love couldn't have too high a cost.

She's down she's out but maybe not

She's stronger than she ever thought

She tried to fight it, then realized

She's crying but not with her eyes.

The brave will never let it fade

The brave will wait another day

The brave will live life with their hearts

The brave are gladly torn apart

She doesn't want to let it go

She doesn't want to hide her show

She doesn't want to give him up

She doesn't want to have enough

She's going to fight, she's going to try

She's going to show him they can fly

She hopes she's worth it, hopes he's wrong

She hopes that they can both be strong

Love let her see what love is worth

Love's worth enough for their rebirth

Love's worth enough to start again

Love's worth a lifetime in the rain.