I came out this way

You think that I chose it?

How dare you even

Try to oppose it

I was born gay

It wasn't a choice

But I stand here today

Saying I have a voice

And I will scream it

Day in and day out

That I am gay

And I am proud

I'll hold her hand in public

Ill kiss her on the lips

I'll wear boy's clothes and rep rainbows

With my hands right on her hip

And if you don't like it

Look away and keep walking straight

Because unlike me and my twists and turns

Maybe straight is just your fate

Don't gawk and stare

Or point and chuckle

You're just jealous

We make a cute couple

But I'll make it clear

You're like a child

Thinking but gays

Are nothing but vile

I'm a human being

I have feelings too

And I deserve to be treated

The same as you

And yes I understand

You think I'm going to hell

But keep it to yourself

Because only time will tell

And put down the bible

Leviticus lied

He was gay too

He just had to hide

He wrote all that stuff

To stay in his closet

With his boyfriend Jeff

Exploding like a faucet

And who is to say

That it's not true

It was written a long time ago

You don't have a clue

Religion is an interpretation

Of what people believe

And just because you think it

Doesn't mean I agree

Opinions weren't meant

To always be shared

Especially to people

Who don't really care

So save them for youth group

Or synagogue or prayer

Cause none of us gays

Are ever going to care

I'm tired of sitting here

Waiting for a spark

To go off in your head

That Noah had no arch

He was lucky if he had

A single piece of bread

You believe he had that much wood

You go right ahead

And Immaculate Conception

Oh what a term

Really think she had that baby

Without Josephs sperm

Her father was strict

And they had too much fun

No way was she telling dad

What she'd really done

It's the same exact thing

As when you tell your lover

You got Chlamydia

From the toilet seat cover

You don't want to get caught

So you tell a quick lie

No one has to hurt

No one has to cry

Want me to keep going?

I didn't think so

All your bible stories

Are just for show

Same as the ones that says

That I'm sick

All because

I just don't like dick

I was born this way

There's nothing wrong about it

And I have a voice

And it's time that I shout it

Stop shoving your faulty religion

Down my throat

It's worse than a dick

Without the after coat

And I'm sure you've heard this

A couple times before

Stay out of my bedroom

It is mine not yours

I'm not changing myself

I will not convert

So get over the fact

That I lift up skirt

Cause I'm gay and I'm proud

And ill flaunt it all day

I was born this way

And that's how I'll stay