The tale of Paper Man. By Nostalgia Inc.

There once was a small village in China, hidden by the mountains and fog.

In this small town, a legend was born.

In the shop of an origami salesman, a creation was under way. One by one, pieces of orange, red and purple paper were pasted together. As time went by, a body was crafted. Then came a head, a mouth, two blocky ears, a pair of eyes, and four coil-like limbs.

They all were put together to make a blocky figure, placed onto a wooden bed. The shopkeep pulled out a small red bag. He opened it, and put his hand into it, grabbing a pearly white powder of from the bag.

''Oh, mighty spirits of the great mountains, please give my creation life. To have the ability to walk. To see. To hear and to feel.'' Said the shopkeep as he blew the powder onto the paper creation.

And then, the man of paper began to move an arm, then another arm, and then began to get up off of the bed as it became more and more flexible. The paper creation then stood on it's feet, a smile on his face.

''Greetings. I am Mr. Hong. I am your creator.'' Said the man. ''From this day forth, you shall be known as Paper Man.


Paper Man helped out his creator by helping to sell the paper that was used to make origami, scrolls and decorations such as paper lamps and chains. The children of the village loved to play with Paper Man, mainly because as the sun set and rose over the mountains, one after another, he learned that he could create paper figurines in his very hands. He first learned to make a Praying Mantis, and he then learned to make a butterfly, then and frog, a cat, a panda bear and even a tiger.

How ever, there was one creature that he oh so wanted to make, but couldn't figure out how to. A dragon. The day he saw a paper dragon on sale around the shop, he wanted to make it. He tried and tried and tried, but he just couldn't create it. Paper Man was upset by this.


Then, one cloudy day, Mr. Hong allowed Paper Man to exit the shop and roam the town for the very first time.

When he walked out of the alley his shop's entrance was in and stepped out onto the streets, Paper Man saw a busy village before him. He watched as vendors sold goods to other people. He saw children running and chasing each other in the streets. He saw musicians play music on the side of the streets. He saw paper lamps, symbols and ribbons cover the houses and shops, making them look colorful and pretty.

Everybody looked so happy. And Paper Man loved seeing people happy.

But then, everybody began to run in one direction, passing by Paper Man. He was confused. Where was everybody going?

He followed the villagers to a street that was lined with people, cheering and yelling. They looked like they were waiting for something.

A man dressed in a shogun's outfit walked down the center of the road, followed by a horse-dragged chariots holding an elderly couple, followed by a number of other things such as musicians and acrobats.

It was a parade!

Paper Man watched from afar as the villagers cheered from the sides of the street. It seemed like the best day ever for the village! Everyone was happy and nothing could seem to go wrong.

But then, it began to rain. Paper Man hid under a porch as he watched the people began to get sad looks on their faces, and it didn't seem like it was because of the rain.

Down the street, a paper dragon was soaking wet and falling apart, the men operating it fled from beneath it.

Paper Man couldn't stand seeing the people so sad. Not when things were supposed to be anything but. He knew that there was only one thing that would fix this disaster.

Make a paper dragon.

Paper Man ran out into the middle of the street and then concentrated as much as he could. He focused and focused and focused as the paper in his hand began to grow and morph. It then began to rise into the air. The villagers looked up as the paper began to transform.

The creation rose high into the sky, and soon could not be seen, but suddenly, a flash of light bursted out from the dark clouds above. As they suddenly vanish, a giant paper dragon flew down to the village below.

Everybody cheered as the dragon spun and flipped in the air. Paper Man couldn't believe it. He just made a paper dragon!

The dragon descended down on the street. Paper Man then climbed on top of him, along with a few children as they helped each other up.

The dragon rose up and they all flew into the sky. Screams of joy and fun filled the air as the sun shined and the clouds cleared. The parade continued on the ground as the entire town cheered and hollered.

And that was how a legend was born.