Hour in October

The time our story begins, as day met night, the taboo that'd never live

To let you slip away, my love, my all, my everything

There was no doubt, there was no pain

In your temporary confusion only I seemed to see

She wasn't worthy and led you astray

From our obscene path of destiny

I knew in my heart you'd always be mine

Despite what you devised

My darkest thoughts met a silver blade on that grim October night

She didn't know, and never would, the dire mistake she made

From left to right a bloody grin engraved upon her face

The hour you came to greet her with a proclamation of love

The diamond ring, now truly mine, with scarlet silk gloved

Instead you came upon us, with our enemy at no chance

There was nothing in your power, her fate too strong in my hands

My pride had first blinded me, but later did I notice

You sickness was too far

You wept over a nonexistent woman you had once held in your arms

My words of reassurance seemed to do no good

I then realized I had to solve my problem in the only way I could

Tomorrow, perhaps, we'll laugh this off as love-struck foolishness that lingers

My eternal possession lies beside me with a diamond ring on my finger