The little girl pushed her face against the window of the glass, as well as the other 120 girls at the St. Marcus' orphanage for girls. Her name was Mary, and she was 10. Suddenly, an announcement flickered on the TV in the matron's room.

"Attention, all girls aged 7-14. We need a young girl to be an apprentice for a highly-esteemed woman. Goodbye." The person on the TV yelled. Mary quickly picked up a pencil and began to scribble down her application form. Sneaking it out, Mary slipped it into the Orphanage Post Box before scurrying back to her place in the group of bunched-up children, all pressed together like bits of cutlery in a drawer. All 120 of the girl orphans were watching the only TV in the whole orphanage, which was the tiny old black-and-white TV in the matron's office. It flickered relentlessly, showing some newish TV show in old black and white.

"I believe it's a puppet show." Sarah, a small girl in the front row, remarked. The other girls stared at it, mind-boggled. Suddenly, there was the sound of black boots shuffling along the floor.

"It's Matron!" A 12-year-old girl in the back row hissed. The girls ran and hid in their bedroom, a long room with 60 bunk beds. Mary peered out of the keyhole. It was matron, all right, but she was with another woman. The woman looked around 60 or 70, and she had buck teeth and warts. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping on the bedroom door and matron opened it.

"Mary, there is a woman here. Says she came to…make you into an apprentice. She just got your…letter." Matron hissed. Mary nodded, and looked at the woman.

"We leave promptly. I must get back to the castle by midnight. Goodbye." The woman pulled Mary to her side with a black leather glove. Mary trembled. The woman looked ungodly, but she was wearing a cross. Mary walked by the woman's side, as they trudged outside on the cobbles. Mary only got the chance to go outside every Sunday, when Matron marched them to Church. The cobbles were wet, and there was only one thing on them. A broomstick. Mary sat on the back, and the woman was at the front. Suddenly, the broomstick began to elevate. Mary sat still as she hurtled towards the sky. The witch looked at Mary, and Mary looked back.

"So, was this what you were expecting?" The woman enquired.