* We all get bored some days and start thinking how we want to just change everything about our lives and ourselves. That's what led me to write this song. To those of you who have the willpower to change, I commend you.

Sitting by myself thinking

Desperately hoping and wishing

Something's gotta change

Something's gotta change

Something's gotta change

But I don't know what

Or why

Just look me in the eye


[[Tell me you don't want to change

Something about your hair

Something about your eyes

Something about where

You're going now

Just get so damned tired sometimes

Getting pennies when you want dimes

We need a change now]]

I know I can take the steps

Rather go up in the elevator

Chill faster than a refrigerator

Don't listen to all the reps

They know nothing

About what it means to

Drop everything

And say to you


Oh, now, now, now

I'm not gonna wait forever

I don't have that time

We all just get busier

You know it's not a crime

To stop and say

We need another day

To get something changed

Something changed

Something changed

Oh, oh, oh!

[[Chorus 2xs]]

* Review if you just gotta change!