Black Hole

My mouth is a black hole.


I want to swallow myself,

Starting with my skin.

So I don't glow fair

And roses can't blossom on my cheeks.


I want to consume my heart

So it can't kick and start

No more pumping blood

No racing for you, no sir.


I want to demolish my eyes

So I cannot "accidentally" see you

No colors in your dark brown eyes

No weakening my fa├žade.


I want to gnash apart my lungs

Stifling the chance to catch my breath

Empty chest,

Void of giddy laughter.


I want to subdue my lips

Fantasies of four soft pillows gone

Words and scripts cut short

"I love you"s resigned.


I want to smash my bones

So I will melt into a pile

Hiding, retreating within myself

No, no

You won't see me.

And I won't be afraid of you.


My mouth is a black hole.


A/N: 'Ey, why don't I spittle up some more anti-romantic poetry while I'm still on this kick? Okay, sure. Very grotesque and demented, but I picture it as a girl who claws open her mouth, down her throat to where her chest is, revealing a black hole (no guts or anything nasty) and crawls in herself to hide. Nothing dealing with actual entrails. Nooo thanks. I'll probably draw a picture of it when I have time. Okay, peoples, please no stealing and thanks for reading!

-Shannon :)