What is love?

Is it the jealously of seeing your loved one getting along with other people?

Is it that heart-wrenching feeling when you know that person won't want a future with you?

Is it the loneliness embracing you as you fall asleep?

Is it the tears that collect in your eyes as the sharp cold truth pierces your heart?

Is it the cruel and terrifying emotion of knowing that no-one would love you like you would love them?

Is it the happiness of seeing that face every day?

Is it the heart-pounding sensation of embracing them in a friendly manner?

Is it that mouth-watering urge when you breathe in their scent?

Is it the fear of being rejected by others because of your sexuality?

Or is it your wishing mind telling you that you should be embraced by arms that will look after you?

Does love even exist?

Would love give me someone to truly care for who will truly care for me?

Or will it shun me like the homophobic people around me?