Through the Crack

I hear muffled voices,

Coming from the room below.

I release a sigh,

As I hear them grow gradually louder.

Soon enough, they're screaming.

Screams resonate through the old walls.

Why won't they stop?

I told them it bothered me.

They promised to stop.

So why are they doing it again?

I rise, my bed creaking from my movements.

My feet touch the cold wood floor,

Sending chills up my spine.

I exit my room,

Making my way down the stairs.

As I grow closer,

The screaming intensifies in volume.

I notice the door slightly ajar,

A sliver of light shining through.

My dad is in my mom's face,

Face turned red from screaming.

Tears silently trail down my mom's,

As she screeches back.

I want to go in and break it up.

But I can't.

I don't want to get involved.

I don't want them screaming at me.

My father's hands suddenly lunge forward.

His hands wrap around her throat.

My body freezes.

My hands tremble,

And tears fall from my face.

But it won't move.

I just stand there,

Stand and watch.

Her body falls limp to the ground.

My father sits down on the bed.

He grabs his drink from the table,

And takes a long drink.

Finally able to move,

I sprint up the stairs.

I jump in my bed,

Through the covers over my body.

I want to get help.

But I can't.

I just can't.

Heavy footsteps make their way up the stairs.

My door creaks open,

Light flooding the dark room.

I turn to face him,

Hoping it was all a dream.

The blank look in his eyes tells me it is real,

And that I am going to die.