What we can learn from the Ancient legend of Greece: This was an essay that I submitted for College. A short but to the point assessment. Enjoy.

In an ever changing world the lessons taught by studies of other times, in this instance the mythology of Greece. What has been passed down from those times is still important in the 21st century. But the trouble is we do not seem to be able to live up to their gifts to us.

Back in the days of the ancient Greeks as the outline pointed out life was not orderly or predictable. People did turn to skill and ingenuity to survive daily life. And with those skills they not only survived daily life they created one of the greatest civilizations in history. The creations of this ancient people still have meaning even in the 21st Century. But the 21st century is far different the "Golden Age" of Greece. The people of Greece created a civilization. What have we created? Nothing quite to their standards to be sure.

The ability of man to adapt to changing situations has changed. In ancient times, man seemed more able to adapt to misfortune, or disaster.

In our times it is not so easy, and there are so many who will point out that it should be.

We have technology, the all mighty computer that is supposed to solve everything, or still elected leaders to put things right. The Greeks had leaders, Kings to decide things. But they slipped too. Today when natural disaster strike we listen to hours on end of how the climate is changing and how and what and where. The Greeks believed that it was the will of the gods. Maybe they had the right idea.

One point that does not seem to go away in our time is how people invoke the name of God. Elected leaders, religious leaders, ordinary people invoke his name and more often then not for their own purposes. When the Greeks sent their warriors out to fight, they said it is the will of the gods.

When we send men and women out to fight, we claim that we are god-fearing nations and we are right. No one is right but us, and everyone else is wrong.

The great war of Troy had a purpose in mythology. Now, can we say that the wars that we are fighting can we say the same? I believe that their ways was more honest. The world could still learn a great deal from the Greeks.

In conclusion; the myths and civilization that the Hellenes passed on to us is beyond description. The arts, medicine, philosophy, and maybe the most important democracy were the gifts we inherited from this ancient people.

What is sad is that the civilization that we have created does not even come close to the humanism that the Greeks had and we likely never will. Someday maybe we will be worthy of their inheritance.