You sit there and watch, fingertips grazing the promised dream of moving forward and never looking back again, watching it fade before you as your eyes close and try so very hard not to let those tears slip through, because you know that it wasn't supposed to end like this. All the sacrifices made on your behalf. All the hopeful wishes of glorious redemption, of lending prideful hands to the ones who made the effort in believing in your potential.

It feels as though it was all for naught. A wasted effort.

A wasted investment in what you could have been, what you should have been, and the realization of stumbling upon fearful regret in what you have become instead.

All the trust they put into you. Gone. Like a frail breeze over a blistering day, gone before it was ever felt.

You sit there and watch, fingertips grazing your wasted actions, the only acknowledgement you will ever remember of what you once were.