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Jason Slayer moaned grumpily upon hearing the deafening sound of his alarm clock before slapping his hand down on the snooze button. It was six am on a friday. He sighed and got out of bed to change out of his baby blue footie pajamas.

Jason was a pale fourteen year old raven-haired boy who was rather scrawny and fragile-looking.

There was one other feature of his that tended to stand out: His eyes. They were two different colors. The right one was blue, like his father's, while the left one was brown, like his mother's. But there was an unusual reason for this. Jason's mother was a vampire, and all half-vampires had eyes that were that way.

He looked through his closet and settled on a plain grey sweatshirt and an old pair of jeans. He glanced longingly at some of his other clothes. The things he really wanted to wear. Things such as animal-ear hoodies, Chinese-style jackets, and various adorable accessories. But he knew that if he wore any of those things out in public, it would be a one way ticket to Pain City. He'd been beaten up enough already. Being himself would only make things worse.

After getting dressed, he started putting things ( including his teddy bear, Bear ) in his backpack. After that, he reluctantly went downstairs to the kitchen.

His mother, Lily, was making pancakes.

Lily still looked like a sixteen year old girl, the same way she looked back in 1987. She had crimped blonde hair and was a bit petite. She was still clad in her Duran Duran nightshirt. "Morning, Jasy-kins. Breakfest is almost ready" she said,smiling.

"That's alright. I'm not hungry."

"Sweetheart, you haven't eaten in four days. Now, you are having some pancakes, and that's that."

Jason slumped into a chair at the table.

He was soon joined by his father, Alix. Alix was a tall man with shoulder-length black hair, most of which was held in a loose ponytail. His skin was every bit as blanched as his son's. "Good morning, little buddy" Alix said cheerily before kissing Jason on the top of his head.

Jason smiled softly. "Hi, Daddy."

Lily placed two plates of pancakes in front of them and kissed Alix on his lips.


After he kissed both of his parents goodbye, Jason headed outside where Hikaru was waiting for him.

Hikaru was a slightly tan, able-bodied seventeen year old Japanese boy with green eyes and a mop of dark brown hair. He'd been Jason's only friend for Jason's entire life. He also happened to be a second generation werewolf. Their parents had been best friends since they were teenagers themselves.

Jason got in the car next to Hikaru, who greeted him with a warm smile.

"So, did you sleep okay last night?" the older boy asked.

"I guess so" Jason answered, placing his sunglasses on his face.

"I still don't get why you wear those things. I mean, there are humans with eyes like yours."

"Yes, but it's still weird. People will make fun of me." Jason looked down at the floor sadly. "After all, that's what happened in middle school..."

"You should stand up for yourself. When they push you, you push back."

"That wouldn't do me any good! Besides, it'd make everyone suspicious if they saw what I can do."

"Oh, come on. Like anybody's actually gonna think you're a vampire."

"Well, still" Jason mumbled.

"All I'm saying is if you can do something about it, you should."

Jason remained silent untill at last they arrived at Kennedy High. The two boys headed off to their separate classes, Jason wearing an apprehensive expression behind his dark shades. On his way to algebra class, a junior girl with long brown hair stuck her leg out and tripped him, causing him to fall flat on his stomach.

The girl laughed. "Walk much?!"

Jason got up from the floor, only to be hit on the head with a trapper keeper by a member of the ice hocky team. Jason noticed that his backpack had started to slip off of his shoulder. But before he could pull it back up, the jock snatched it from him and held it out of Jason's reach. He wanted to tell the other boy to give it back to him. But, as usual, the words just wouldn't come out. He was far too terrified of speaking. So instead, he simply jumped up and down in a futile attempt to grab his backpack back from the looming, flaxen-haired athlete.

The blond boy smirked. "You want your stuff back, twerp? Okay, here you go!" He then unzipped Jason's backpack and turned it over, letting it's contents fall out onto the floor. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The jock picked up Bear. "Is this your dolly?" he mocked.

This time, Jason found the courage to say something. "Give him back! He's mine!"

The blond boy and a few other students who were still standing around in the hallway laughed hysterically.

"Hey! You kids stop fooling around and get to class! That means you too, Fabrizio" a teacher yelled from the other end of the hall.

The blond boy - Fabrizio - leaned in closer to Jason's face. "I'll see you around, nerd." He then threw Bear a few feet across the hall before walking away.

Jason ran over to his beloved stuffed companion and scooped him up in his arms.

Bear wasn't particularly fluffy anymore due to the fact that Jason slept with him every night from the time he was a baby. His fur was soft and white, and he had a red ribbon tied around his neck.

Jason was putting his things back in his backpack when a girl with bright purple eyes came up to him. "Hey, you're friends with Hikaru Aizawa, right?"

He didn't look her in eye, but still nodded, his shoulders tight.

"Great! Can you give this to him for me?" She handed him a light pink envelope with a heart-shaped sticker on it. "Thanks!" she said before running back to her friend.

"I can't believe one of the hottest guys in school hangs out with freaks like that" the girl's friend remarked.

"I feel sorry for him" the first girl said, looking back at Jason. "I think he's autistic or something."

Jason felt his fangs extend in frustration. 'I. Am. NOT' he thought angrily. He slowly walked to class, trying to shake off everything that had just happened.

He had only been in high school for a week, but he already hated it.

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