"This the place?" Renee asked as she stopped in front of Jason's house.

"Yes. Thank you" Jason said in responce. He got off of the back of the bike before helping Hikaru out of the sidecar.

"Jason Christopher Daniel Slayer! Where on Earth have you been?!" Lily yell-asked when she opened the front door and saw the three young people.

Before anyone could answere Lily's question, Alix ran towards Jason, and wrapped his arms around him tightly. "Jason! Thank God you're alright! Daddy was worried sick about his little boy! Please don't ever scare me like that aga-." He paused for a minute upon seeing Renee.

The blue-haired vampire noticed this. "Somethin' wrong?"

"Um, I...I-" Alix started to say.

"Yes, something is wrong!" Lily said. "What in God's name have our son and his friend been doing without our knowledge?!"

"Whoa! Just calm down, and I'll explain everything that went down."

And that's exactly what she did.


"...And then I shot them, so now they're dead."

"But wait" Alix said. "What did those guys want with Hikaru anyway?"

"Oh; Well, I'm actually not sure. I'm sort of a 'shoot first, ask questions later' kinda gal, ya know? And by the way, go easy on your kid, okay? He kicks alot of ass for such a little guy." She turned to the 'little guy' in question. "I'll see you around, two-tone." She got back on her bike and, after giving everyone the peace sign, drove off into the blackness.


After Alix walked Hikaru home ( which didn't take long, seeing as Hikaru lived next home ), Alix, Lily and Jason sat together on the living room couch.

After being presented with some questions about how exactly he got himself into such a dangerous situation in the first place, Jason explained to his parents how he found out that Hikaru had been kidnapped. When he finished speaking, he expected them to be at least a little upset with him. But, to his surprise, Alix hugged him gently, and kissed him on the top of his head.

"Jason, we're so proud of you" Alix said, smiling.

"Really?" Jason asked.

"Yes, sweetheart" Lily said. "It was very brave of you to go in and help save Hikaru like that."

The pale boy blushed a bit.

Alix embraced his son again. "Our brave little soldier."

Jason leaned into his father's hug, happy to have a little bit of peace for a while.

And this concludes episode one; It wasn't too half-assed, was it? Please tell me what you think. I hope you'll tune in next time for episode two, which will be called 'That's Me In The Corner'. And, before I forget, I would like to wish you all happy holidays! So, merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, joyous Kwanza, and lovely Snowflake Liberation Day! Peace, love, yaoi.