Blue eyes, oh so bright,

You warm my heart with your personal light.

My heart flutters at one sight,

All I can think of at night

Is you.

Your intellect astounds me;

Mine feels dwarfed whenever we talk.

But yet, I've never minded.

I'd rather be stupid if it was the only way

To still be in love with you.

Love is a curious thing.

You never were someone I'd consider

To be sweet, for me to love.

But yet, here I am,

Writing a poem about you.

Is it too corny to say

That love has captured my heart?

That it's a vicious beast;

That it never intends to release me?

That I have never cared?

The world is idiotic for

Their overlooking gazes.

I feel like I'm the only one

Who loves you entirely

And never wants for you to change.

I'm obsessed with your voice,

It's warm tone.

I dream of your face,

Your bright blue eyes,

Your glorious smiles.

I daydream about us constantly.

It's ridiculous, how many mental dates

We have engaged in.

You're quite fond of movies,

Zoos, and theme parks.

You make stupid love songs bearable.

I've suddenly become obsessed

With those corny romances

My mother always loved.

It's all because of you.

My life would be completed

If I could only get you to love me.

To hear you sound proud of me.

To be your love,

To adore into forever.

But, even if you rejected me,

I still would love you.

You're too beautiful, too special,

For me to ever dream of moving on from.

You'll be forever in my heart.

Hey blue eyes.

I think you're something special.

Something amazing.

I hope that you know that.

And you'd better remember it.