Activity #3


It was 1793 and

all Clara Endicott wanted was

to fall in love but

fate's hand cut her life short when

a fire struck the Endicott house and

Clara died but

she did not pass on to Heaven but

rather she stayed to

watch over her family but

they couldn't bear to stay there so

they moved on and

left Clara behind in

the Endicott house with

the peach walls and

hard-wood floors but

then a new family came in and

Clara was excited but

they changed the house and

took down the peach wallpaper and

it became an alien place to Clara but

still she watched as the world changed and

things that had once been beautiful

became ugly and

so everything in the Endicott house

became more modern and

was no longer Clara's home but

still she remained and

when she felt as though she could bear

no more change the

current family uprooted and

moved on and

in entered a beautiful man

named Aiden Hollands and

Clara fell in love with him but

she knew showing herself would scare him so

she just watched him and

everyday felt love plant itself in her chest and

blossom into a flower of adoration and

finally she could not bear to hide

herself any longer so

she prepared herself to talk to him but

that day Aiden walked in with

a beautiful woman and

he married her and

they started a family and

everyday Clara cried while

she watched Aiden and

his wife and

his children grow up and

finally gave up on trying to hide and

allowed them to hear her unhappy tears and

the wife and children

became terrified of her but

Aiden was not and

she fell harder for him but

he was married and

she was dead so

he could not be in love with her which

broke her heart and

made her cry for longer and

more often as

he grew old with his wife and

their children moved out to

go to college and

finally Clara could no longer bear

staying on the Earth anymore

watching him grow old and

lose his mind so

she moved on and

was welcomed into Heaven's gates

where she waited for Aiden and

cried no more.