Wow, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything here...

That aside, this is just another cutlette with my charcters Lillie & Nate. If you want to think timeline wise, this would be before the last cutlette I posted. (though probably months apart..)

I hope you enjoy.

A warm summer breeze swayed in the air, blowing scents of nature anywhere and everywhere it would reach. A small girl sat on a bench, enjoying that warm and welcoming breeze happily. A large smile was plastered onto her face and her large violet eyes sparkled with joy.

"A smile? From Lillie? Is the world coming to an end!?" A sudden voice spoke up. Sarcasm and laughter clear in their tone.

The small girl looked surprised, until she noticed who was speaking to her.

"Nate!" She shouted happily, jumping off the bench to give the boy, known as Nate, a big hug. She wrapped her arms around the boy and laughed.

"What's with this?" He chuckled, hugging the girl back with one arm. His other held a bottle of juice he had left minutes before to get.

"Nothing. I just think today is beautiful." Lillie exclaimed, releasing the boy and stretching her arms out. Nate laughed as he watched his small friend dance around.

"Nate, Dance with me! Please?" She giggled, holding her tiny hand out to the boy. Nate chuckled again and set the bottle of juice down to join hands with Lillie. She grinned when their hands met and she began dancing right away, making Nate stumble.

"H-Hey, wait." He laughed nervously. Dancing wasn't his strong point. Never had it been important to know how to dance, until he met the tiny girl who led him. She had shown him many things in their short time of knowing one another, and as stupid or pointless as they had seemed to him before, they were all important to him now.

"You're going too fast!" He said panicky. Nate stared down at his feet, hoping it would somehow make him dance better. No good came from that.

"It takes time to learn to do it just right." Lillie smiled sweetly at the much larger boy in front of her.

"It will take all the time in the world to teach me to dance properly." He laughed. His English accent clear as crystal.

"I'm sure it would take no longer than a few lessons." Lillie said, ending their dance and returning to her seat on the bench. Nate followed her, grabbing the discarded juice and handing it to the smaller girl.

"Here you are. One Orange juice, as requested." He grinned.

"Thank you kindly." She replied.

The two sat on the bench quietly, enjoying once again the warm breeze against their skin.

"Hey, Nate?" Lillie's voice had turned timid. Nate turned to the petite girl and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" He asked.



"Um, it's nothing!" The young girl laughed nervously, a smile spread wide on her flawless face. The smile, fake. As fake as a smile could be. However, Nate wasn't the kind to push. He always believed everyone has a reason for what they did or said. Especially Lillie.

"Alright. Hey do you want to grab some ice cream?" Nate jumped up from his seat on the bench and gleamed down at the girl. A light red dust covered the girl's cheeks as she nodded, a small, but real, smile replacing her fake one.

"Let's go then. Shall we?" Nate held out his arm for Lillie to take, and she did exactly that. Lillie grabbed Nate's much larger arm with her tiny hands and held onto him as he walked them down the stony path.

"Today is so lovely..." Lillie began to mumble. Nate nodded in agreement.

"It sure is." He smiled down at the small girl. Lillie didn't return the gesture. She simply stared ahead, a worrying smile creeping onto her face.

"Hey Lil?" Nate stopped and stared down intently at the small girl. Lillie stopped as well, because she was jerked back by the force of Nate stopping. She glanced up at him, curiosity swimming in her lavender eyes.


"What's wrong?" He asked. Pushing wasn't his thing, but to see Lillie smile one minute and frown the next was something he hated. Lillie was beautiful and beauty shouldn't be shunned because of worry and frowns.

"W-What? N-nothing is wrong." The petite girl stammered.

"Don't worry, about anything. Okay?" Nate grabbed her shoulders and gripped them tightly. Lillie made a noise of surprise, but simply nodded at his statement.

"I wish I could. But I can't be like you."

"I say Live in the moment." Nate blared, grinning. Lillie's expression was shocked. Nate, the man who knew everything, well everything Lillie had needed him to know. The man who fought and defended the innocent for a living and for freedom, was telling her to live in the moment?

"It sounds stupid, and it could be. But it's the best way to live, because for the time being, nothing will bring you down. Living life by every second is better than living it in worry about the future." Nate's expression was serious. His accent heavy as he stressed the matter.

"Okay?" He added.

"Okay." Lillie smiled sheepishly. Living in the moment sounded strange to her because her whole existence she had to worry for the sake of everyone around her. Now, only worrying about her life in the single second she lived in sounded almost like betraying herself. But she was going to do it. Nate had done it, or so he led her to believe, so she was going to do it too.

I've been thinking about these cutlettes every now & then and I think I may make something real out of them...I'd love to write a long-chapter story, but I'm not very good with staying on task. :P So I guess my mind and it's attention span will be the final judge of if these guys will ever get an actual story.

Thanks for reading! :)