Chapter 3: Fire drill

Glacie sat patiently as Mr. Haugh started roll call. The poor guy had both Renia and her, the most difficult names excluding her brothers.

"R-Renia?" Here we go.

"It's REN-EH-EA." Re-Re said hotly, cutting it short so it was easier to pronounce. It's not that her name was particularly hard to say, it was just a bit of a tongue tirer. Mostly getting confused with Renee.

"A-oh sorry." He apologized scribbling on his paper. He was young, probably new, and very nervous. "Adoria, Gla-"

"Just call me Glacie." She cut him off gently.

"Ok, got it." He wrote it down looking a bit relieved. Glacie drowned out the rest of the names, she stared out the window that was now cloudy. Rain started to slightly pour, becoming heavier as time passed by. She felt relaxed and much more tired than usual. Suddenly her body began to ache and it felt like the heat was turned up. She leaned into her desk as her heart pounded. She couldn't breath. Something was wrong. Soon she knew what, the tips of her fingers lit up in small flames. Alarmed she sprang up out of her seat.

"What's a matter Glacie?" Re-Re hissed. She swallowed her throat very dry and looked around the room. All eyes were on her. She needed to leave, to get out, she felt like she would suffocate.

"Miss Adoria?" She ran, ran out of the room ignoring her teacher and friends that called for her. She ran and ran until she found the abandoned classroom her, Zen, and Alix went to all the time. The flames were beginning to grow and move up her arms. She panicked for a moment before taking deep breathes. She whipped out her cell and began texting S.O.S The usual spot. She just sent it in time before her cell phone began to melt and malfunction. It shocked her before she threw it on the ground. Trying not to burn anything she chewed on her nails anxiously. It seemed like an eternity to wait for them.

Alix felt his cell vibrate in his jean pocket. Glancing over to the teacher he swiftly took it out. It was a help call from Glacie. He felt a pang of anxiety as he read it. Biting his lip he stood and asked the teacher if he could go to the nurse. He shifted nervously as Mrs. Green wrote him a note. He quickened his pace when he left the room. He went into a full sprint jumping the stairs. As he turned the corner he almost collided with Zentus.

"Did you get it?" The blond asked. Alix nodded panting. They heard a yell down the hall and darted towards the abandon classroom.

"GLACIE!" The two exclaimed barging into the old room. She was on the floor facing the window. When she turned around she looked horrified.

"Oh My Gosh Glacie you're on fire!" Zen exclaimed.

"My hair turned orange!" Glacie cried.

"Why are you on fire? Put it out!"

"My hair!"

"Both of you SHUT UP!" Alix interrupted them. "Glacie, what happened?" He said gently, kneeling beside her.

"I don't know! I was sitting in class and well...this happened!" She answered waving her arms, which made Alix back up a bit.

"Can't you put it out like you always do?" Zen asked.

"NO! That's the problem! And it's increasing!" She yelled back.

"OK OK! Just calm down! We have to get you out of here somehow." Alix said trying to keep them from panicking. He paced attempting to formulate a plan.

"Um Al..."

"Shhh I'm thinking." He snapped back.


"WHAT-crows!" As he spun around Glacie was now engulfed in her flames. Smoke was rising and...*RIIIIIIINNNNGGGGG* there goes the fire alarm. He rushed to the door and peered out, students and teachers filed out of the classrooms, it was completely crowded. They were screwed.

"ok, ok, Zen, can you take out the lights?" He asked.

"Yeah...but she's like a torch I don't see how it will matter!" Zen replied.

"Well...there has to be something!" He said throwing his hands up in frustration. He continued pacing until a thought hit him "What about that thing you did, ya know with the water!" Alix said whipping around over to his brother.

Zen bobbed his head indecisively. "I mean..that was just a fluke...but."

"Can't you just try!" Alix shouted at a loss of what to do.

"Yeah, I could shock the molecules to speed them up...and make a dome around her..." He rambled. "It..It could work!" His eyes lit up, and a small smile grew on his face.

Alix's shoulders sagged with relief. "But, where will we get the water?" He said absently. The room was silent. The three looked at the ceiling and broke out into wolfish grins. Time to set the plan into action.