A short story for my Language Arts class. I really like it, even though it's really short. It's kind of... weird Let's go with weird. Sounds good.

Mordecai was yelling, louder and louder, as Scout struggled to get out of the car. He was in a hurry and wanted the girl out now! She was going as fast as she could, but not fast enough for her uncle.

The little girl was holding back her words. She didn't want to go to the pet store, and her uncle knew that. He didn't care, though. He was to drunk to care what Scout thought, he didn't even notice her shining eyes and unhappy demeanor.

The incessant yipping from Lori was beginning to grate on Mordecai's ears and Scout was getting nervous. She knew what would happen if Lori didn't shut up. The jack russel terrier was the reason for the trip. Mordecai hated Lori for two reasons; one, she made Scout happy, and two, whenever he was on a rampage, Lori tried to fight him off and protect Scout from his throws.

The first time Lori stepped in, whiskey was his drink of choice. When Scout came home from school, she could smell it as soon as she walked in. She tried to get out before Mordecai noticed, but it was impossible. Drunk, he had incredible hearing and once he heard you, there was no escape. As Scout silently opened up the door to leave, he came barreling down the hall, screaming for her to stop. Ever since his true love, Scout's mom, had married his brother, he had been a drunk. When they both died in a fire, the 9 year old was dumped on him. In the 3 years that passed, Scout had put up with his drunken, maniacal attacks. That day, though, Scout's new dog, Lori, got in the way of Mordecai when he was raging. She tripped him, giving Scout just enough time to escape. As she ran off, she heard Lori's pitiful cries as her uncle took out his anger on her.

Scout felt bad about it. It weighed down her mind, and she couldn't get it off her conscious. She showered her dog with love and affection, but it didn't heal the wounds Mordecai had left. Even though Lori was hurt, it didn't stop her from doing it again. After a few times, Lori was too weak to stand, to weak to protect Scout. Slowly Lori got better, but Mordecai didn't want her around any more. So they headed back to the very same store they had gotten the terrier from, just a few months earlier, to return her.

The people working the shelter there were very polite to Mordecai. They were different than the people who gave him the dog, those people were condescending.

Mordecai walked up to the adoption center and dropped the dog onto the counter. "Take the dog back, please." He spat out the last word as if it were infectious.

"Why do you want to return…" The worker looked at the dog's tag, "Lori?" The phrase came out with a slightly snobbish tone, making Mordecai feel insulted.

"Because I don't want her any more! Why else would I bring her back?!" He roared at them. His anger at the workers voice was impossible to contain. He had been angered, and like the Hulk, it was difficult to get him calm again.

"Sir, please be quiet. You're scaring the animals." The attendant paused to pet Lori, "We will happily take her back, but we need to know why you don't like her anymore."

"I NEVER DID!" Mordecai was fuming now. "Just take the dog… and we will leave." He was panting between each word, trying to calm himself down.

"There will be some paperwork to fill out…" The worker paused to ensure Mordecai wouldn't go off on him again, the guy was terrified because Mordecai was a very intimidating man, "It will take about 20 minutes, and then we can take her back." He looked up imploringly, avoiding eye contact, begging not to be yelled at again.

After all the paperwork was done, the workers took Lori into the kennels and Mordecai could leave with Scout. They went out to the car, hopped in and got on the highway. The silence in the car was only breeched by Scout's muffled sobs at the loss of her puppy. She knew it was for the best, Lori's new family would be better, but it still hurt. Just another thing her uncle had done to hurt her.

2 exits before their house, Mordecai got off the highway and pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center. He got out of the car, leaving Scout alone in the lot. After 20 minutes, Mordecai walked out of BevMo with a brown paper bag. He walked out to the car, but Scout wasn't there.

She had left as soon as he was out of sight.

Like I said, kind of weird. Whatever, I think it's good, even if it dark. Hope you enjoyed!