Seductress of Blood

Synopsis: There is something unusual and eerie about multimillionaire Countess Zandra Karposi. People in the surrounding town have gone strangely missing after recieving invites to her posh galas. It's up to paranormal expert Van Roth to investigate these disappearances.

Chapter 1-Van Roth's Log: Gwendolyn's Glade

My moniquer is Van Roth and the paranormal is my business. I have been investigating paranormal activity since I can remember. One such case led me to an unusual location in the middle of the woods, out in seemingly, nowhere. It was in the country, or the 'sticks' as the locals like to say. I actually preferred these cases to ones in the big city, but things there were equally as eerie and weird as they were here in 'God's country'. This place was downright creepy at night. Even my accomodations in a local hotel were otherworldly. It was the sense of the entire place. I had heard rumors of mysterious disappearances here in Gwendolyn's Glade. Despite the charming name, it was sinister. Especially considering one multimillionare playgirl; Countess Zandra Karposi. Many things had been said of her and her luscivious nature but I had a feeling she was not your ordinary hedonist.

I found Zandra's house, or should I say, estate, incredibly inviting. I had not found one topiary askew or rose without bud. Everything was impeccable. Even the inside of the house was so immaculate, one could eat off the marble floors.

'Monsignour Van Roth. I have been expecting you.', she says in a sort of throaty purr, much like a predatory Bengal tiger. I feel a lump grow in my throat and the oddest sensation of the jitters. I don't see her, but I can hear her from above. She begins to descend the stairs, and I am left gasping for air. There is something definitely otherwordly and eerie about this woman. Energy pulsates from her, and draws me to her like a moth to flame. My better logic knows not to veer too close to this 'woman' for carnality may overtake me.

Chapter 2-Grizzly Accounts Straight From the Source

I was shocked when Zandra began telling me the reason for my inquest. She knew that I had done my homework, and I had many resources at my fingertips. In fact, I always had an Iphone on my person as well as my own Ipad to search the interwebs. Zandra's supposed exploits had been hearalded for months, even years now. She was connected with these mysterious disappearances, which were later revealed as gruesome murders. No motive was given as to why the slayings were committed, but something told me this woman was older than she looked. She had an air about her unlike any other woman I had encountered. She was disturbing, especially the color of her eyes and their abilty to shift with her mood. She longed to come close to me, but I distanced myself, knowing for certain I was dealing with something surreal. The more she looked at me, the more I felt my energy wane. It was then I knew I was in the presense of a true succubus. Her eyes were positively enchanting though, as well as her silky voice. I wanted to fall into her arms and rest there for eternity but I knew she was trying desperately to delve into my psyche. I began praying silently to myself.

'Hedge me in, almighty one. Surround me with your unbreakable barrier. Sustain me, winds, uphold me nature.'

'You want to know what caused the disappearances ?', Zandra inquired saucily as she invited me to dine with her. Honestly, I didn't wish to, but the spread was so succulent I couldn't pass it up. It was everything I had ever wanted, and more. There was filet minon, mashed potatoes (made with buttermilk, I might add), Chardonay, sprigs of parsley and brocolli flourets. If this wasn't a big enough repast, she finished with the most delectable triple chocolate cheesecake that tasted as if it was imported from Italy.

'Each man lured here I used to fuel my youth. I require blood to keep my skin looking so young, and the essense I use for immortality. Sure, there are flings I enjoy before I completely drain men dry, but immortality can be oh, so dreadfully lonesome.', Zandra confessed. It was only an hour into my visit and she was dishing her deepest, darkest, most sinister secrets to me. Why did she feel she could trust me ? I felt my blood run cold, for I was sure I was going to be the next course in her immortality diet.

Chapter 3-Spider's Web

'So, are you going to arrest me to rot alone in jail ? It is what I deserve after the sort of life I have lived.', Zandra stated, sorrowfully. Her eyes had taken upon a somber tone and I couldn't help eliciting some tears for her. She was gorgeous, but deadly. Her species to me, was the Black Widow. I was just the hapless fly that waltzed into her parlor, and I wondered how much longer she was going to keep me around before I met my fate. Yet, she didn't seem to want to destroy me for some strange reason. She wanted my help, and it baffled me as to why.

'I have no incriminating evidence, Ms. Karposi. If I were to indict you, there is no one to testify against you.', I said. I knew she would probably escape and left to roam free in this earthly plane. I knew of only one way to kill a succubus as well, and it was true love. Before I had come into her domain, I had fear and loathing for her. Now I couldn't help but fall for her and her charm. I couldn't quite understand what it was. Perhaps it was the way in which she dressed, which was very reminiscent of the Victorian era. Her velveteen black dress matched her cascading curly raven hair. Again, her chameleon eyes haunted me.

'Then what, Van ? What now ? I am tired of this existence. I do not know what will happen to my soul once I am gone, but I long for eternal sleep. I have been doing this far too long, and I have become tired.', Zandra said, a hint of tears brimming in her steel-grey eyes. I had finished my meal as well as my dessert and taken the plates from the table, putting them into the dish washer. I walked back into the room, and against my judgement, I approached the table and took Zandra's hand. Instead of feeling my energy beginning to wane, I felt it building.

Could the impossible be happening at this moment ?

Chapter 4-Farewell Under the Stars

'Have you ever mentioned this to anyone but me, Zandra ?', I said, as I helped Zandra from the table and we walked upstairs to the balcony outside, overlooking a grand vista below. Had it been light, I could see everything clearly. Yet, underneath the moon's glow, the view was even more breathtaking. The stars added their own celestial ambiance and the air seemed to hum with romance. It couldn't be helped.

'No, Van. I admit. I hadn't felt comfortable letting my guard down. Normally, men don't come out of these halls alive. I have never felt any loss or guilt about it. Call me callous, but I was doing everything out of self-preservation. At least my victims were able to experience pleasure before they had their untimely demises.', Zandra said, as I stroked her hand with my thumb. I had fallen for this devilish woman, this sumptuous strumpet. For the first time in my existence, I knew the power love could wield.

'I want you to know that in this short time I have become enamored of you. Forgive me, but I can't hold back. It may be unexpected, even unheard of. All I can think of doing now is holding you in my arms.', I said. Before I had finished my thought, she had begun to kiss me. Everything had begun to spin. I spoke from my heart as I recited poetry to her, but I only wanted her and belong to her. I couldn't pull away. When I opened my eyes, she had begun to age very quickly.

'True love is the Succubi's only weakness.', she said as she began to dissipate in the wind. I wanted to weep as she started to slip out of my fingers. My deduction had been correct all along. But the only being I had ever loved was dying.

'You have given me the only happiness I have ever known, Van. Don't be sad. Even if you feel nothing like this ever again, do not weep. Life is too short for that.', She advised. Ironic, concerning her immortality had become mortality under love's first kiss and the curse crushed.


I knew that if this report was published the world would think I had cracked. They would never believe it and I would be labelled as a fraud, even in the realm of the paranormal. Truth was always a double-edged sword. I kept the incident of Ms. Karposi under wraps. Even the estate had 'mysteriously disappeared' (perhaps because someone unmentioned had a permit to raize it to the ground with certain contracters he was in connection with, perhaps ?) and was no longer an issue. Zandra haunted my thoughts but other cases awaited. It was sometimes a lonely road working cases like this one but I often found comfort in realizing I made the other side more approachable to those who were skeptical or cynical about it. Indubitably there were always those who didn't believe it no matter what I said or did. I was just pleased I had a job to do, and I did it well, even if I didn't get thanked for it constantly. All I know is that I have felt love and savor that feeling, knowing maybe it shall come again for me someday. For now, I have other cases to solve and the deceased to connect to the living. But really, we are the ones deceased to them, and they are the ones truly living. Think on that a while.

Van Mathias Roth, Supernatural Private Eye