Dumah was always the silent type. Growing up usually being pushed around and being taking advantage of, he grew more and more tired and frustrated with society. If it wasn't for his childhood friend Tangi, he would've left the world by force. However, there was just something about her that pulled him into her life and staying by her side. One night at a party, they were watching a meteor shower and Dumah got hit by a meteor who was then sent to the hospital. After two or three days, he realized had and somehow gotten powers. Powers that he could use to either destroy or save the world that rejected who he use to be. But when an unwanted visitor from space, claiming to be the grim reaper of the world, is Dumah's powers obsolete? Read and find out.

Author's note: Yes, this is my first story on this website. I hope I make a good impression with readers and hopefully improve with my writing. Sorry that the summary is written here to but they put a limit on how much you can write a summary which is in my opinion "crap". I want readers to read everything I've written, how I want it to be written and I don't want to dumb down a few of my words because the website believes it's "too complex".This story contains romance, action, sci-fi (because of the alien), mature content (has violent actions, language and sexual content), and tragedy. I loathe how I have pretty much spoiled what's in the story with the genre's but I don't really have a choice. Mm... I don't know what else to really say but to enjoy this piece of literature.

Chapter 1: The last battle

As the icy rain fell on the concrete, Dumah gathered enough strength to get up off of the place where people thought he had died. People within the buildings watched in awe or pity as the young man struggled to stand himself up. The bold and yet foolish citizens who remained outside on the streets watched in silence as they watched the event that held their future. He breathed the cold air heavily as blood rolled down his forehead, mixing with the cold rain. When he got on his feet, he staggered back a bit and stared at the gloomy grey sky. This somewhat familiar sky… Does it weep for him?

"You might as well just lay back down, hero. With wounds severe as yours it won't take long until you collapse to your last breath." His opponent sighed.

"I'll take the time I have left to kill you then." Dumah whispered while still staring at the sky.

"I honestly do not understand you humans…" he chuckled while shaking his head. "You barely have enough strength to defeat me, let alone to do anyone harm, I'm currently holding your female friend as hostage, and yet you will fight me to protect these people who show you no gratitude, concern nor respect after everything you have done. Why continue, hero?"

"Although… I'm exhausted and you have the upper hand. Even though these people don't deserve to be saved… I will continue to fight you till there's nothing left of me!" Dumah stated while glaring at the evil being.

"You don't say?" Vincent grinned while tossing Tangi aside. "Glorious. I shall make you keep your word…" he said while leaping towards Dumah with a punch. The blow to the head was not as bad as the previous ones but it still managed to knock him back a few feet. With a quick recovering, Dumah flew up to the heavens so innocent by standers wouldn't get harm because of him. While entering the troposphere Dumah felt a hand wrapping its fingers around one of his ankles. Vincent pulled and threw him back to the atmosphere. While hurtling back, he manages to flip and fly right back to Vincent with a sucker punch. He then grabbed Vincent and locked him in a position and forcefully flew back down to earth. When they impact into an abandoned building, it left a huge crater in the soil and left Dumah shorter of breath. Vincent's large hand grabbed his nemesis face and sat up. "That actually hurt…" he growled while squeezing his skull. Vincent sensed the fear of death devouring Dumah's body. "However, if I kill you now… it will end the fun I'm having." He laughed. Dumah stared at him with wide eyes. "Yes, I'm merely toying with you. I want you to die by my hand slowly knowing your efforts are futile." He laughed while throwing him way back against an empty car. Vincent quickly flew towards him and started punching him repeatedly. "Where is the fire in your eyes now, hero? Where?!" he laughed manically. Within every punch, Dumah's vision began to blur and all he could think about was a song. A song he had not heard for a very long time. Won't somebody kindly sing it for him?

"Dumah! Get up! Get up and fight! Don't die!" screamed a female's voice.

"Hmph! It's meaningless for you to scream for him, human. He's finished." Vincent frowned while pausing at the noisy distraction.

"Dumah please…" she cried with the tears she had been hiding now rolling down her soft creamy cheeks and pink plush lips, mixing with the rain. "Please don't die like this…" Tangi whispered while falling to her knees. "Stop it! Please! No more… don't hurt him anymore! Don't kill him!" she begged.

"Puny female… I show no mercy. Your please and cries won't save him." Vincent huffed. With both hands balled up together, he raised them above Dumah who laid helplessly with blood covering most of his face. Just when Vincent was bringing his hands down, Dumah started to relive his entire life.