I can't be Super Man

And you always hated

The thought of Spider-Man.

Doesn't matter anyway

Super heroes aren't real

They can't save the day.

But if I could be

Wonder Woman

I'd help you carry

All your burdens that

Are so heavy.

But you shut out the day,

Slap a helping hand away

No matter what I try

You always rip off my cape

Tell me what do I do

When you refused to be saved?

My inner Kryptonite

Is draining out my life

No matter how I try

I feel the fading light.

I don't want to leave your side

But I don't have the strength to fight

For the both of us tonight.

Seems like life is the Joker and he's got a plan

To screw over the Batman

I could really use a helping hand

But you don't seem to understand.

Looks like my Robin is a fake

And doesn't grasp the meaning

Of give and take.

Sometimes I just need you to be the

Wind beneath my cape,

I'll do the hard part,

Fight all the villains

And try to reach your heart.

But you've lost your will to escape

And could care less who gets saved

You're taking me down with you.

Do you know what it is you do?

Something evil has a hold on you

Something that my powers can't break through.

It breaks me to my core

My heart shatters until even the fragments

Can't break anymore

I free fall until I hit the floor

I don't want to leave you behind,

Because that passage has to be

A one way door.

Every day passes you seal your fate

You're content to stay that way

Slapping helping hearts away

And ripping off the capes

Does it make you feel good inside,

To know you've made me cry?

Cause no matter how I tried

You were never going to live your life.

My trust and love you betrayed

By shutting out the light every day.

You can't bring back those who have past

But you're determined to make the pain last.

I never wanted to be Super Man

I just wanted to help you, and take your hand

Show you some people in the world would try to understand.