I see you talking to another girl,

You say something, I can't hear,

She smiles, looks up in my direction, she laughs,

What are you saying?

Is it about me?


Are you serious, about you and me?

Because at the moment,

It doesn't look like it'll work,

I see you around,

Mostly you're with some girl or other.


If you're serious, about staying my friend,

Then you better, clean up your act,

You better become a champion,

Let me know, you know,

Stuff about me.


I got to stop,

Feeling like I care,

About every single little thing, you do,

Because that'll be the end of it,

The end of me.


I mean the end of my life,

As I know it,

Like the letter z,

At the end of the alphabet,

Don't make me like z.


Let me know, you still like me,

Otherwise, it's the end of something,

Everything between us,

Like the letter z,

At the end of the alphabet.


The end of my life as I know it,

Can you face up to it?

Is it the end?

Like the letter z,

At the end of the alphabet.


I don't want it, to be the end,

Who is that girl?

How do you feel about her?

How do you feel, about me?

What about you and me?


Sometimes you act like, you like me,

Other times you don't,

What is wrong, with you?

Stop messing with my head,

Sometimes it's just like, screw you.


We're at opposite ends, of the spectrum,

At least that's how it feels,

At least to me,

Something is needed, to pull us together,

Or we're just going, to fall apart.


Until we are, at the opposite ends of the universe,

I don't want to have to give up,

But I may have to,

I don't want to, even when I'm at the start like a,

And you're at the end like z.