As the blood pours from the open wound

My eyes stay staring, ahead and sightless.

My arms wrap around myself

And I get ready to die.

As I try to seal the wound in my heart

My heart bursts more as I lie alone.

My brain goes numb and I grab the knife again

And I get ready to bleed.

As I die inside from a wound not closed

I realize how much was there.

I reach again for my old vices

And I get ready to die.

My vices come back and I stand alone

I sit on the roof and do everything I shouldn't.

All to keep myself and someone else from dying

And I get ready to fight.

As I lie on my bed of death

I write one last song to you.

Before my creativeness dies

Along with my soul.

And so I fight, and I bleed

And I get ready to die.