The Great Spider

Our government is seeking war.

I wouldn't say that the effort is futile, but it's headed to a direction where the lives of every human would be clearly affected. (Probably besides those of the simply-wandering nomadic bushmen in Africa will not be so affected, though. Note: I'm not a racist; I just watched 'The Gods Must be Crazy'.)

Our country is trying to mimic the USA (recall SOPA and MegaUpload's shutdown), but this isn't practical—not yet, at the very least. Firstly, because even though the USA had implemented SOPA, it's still very glaringly clear that privacy in the internet is still rampant. MegaUpload and all other similar file-sharing sites that shut down was all just one vertex of the 'www'. Second, it must be understood by people that they're dealing with an ever-growing web, continuously by the Great Spider called the 'modern civilization', which is, at the moment, synonymous with 'people of the Information Age'.

The Web has no off button [yet] because it is a collective effort from millions—err, billions?—of people who share information and do it as a way of living. The only method to stop this web is to cut off all the Great Spider's legs—to kill it effectively—but then that would mean the collapse of the current civilization's asset and I'm doubtful if that is entirely a good thing.

(Sorry if this section suddenly turned into some kind of essay, but I think I've gone a tad bit off track with the Spider thingy, so here are my thoughts regarding cybercrime (this time, my thoughts are directed to the government.)

It should not be entirely unnoticed; the government (or at least the people who approved the act) should not be entirely oblivious of how futile it is (at the moment) to restrain the Great Spider from weaving a certain 'bad' pattern on the web. I'm not an idiot; I know they know that there are grave consequences to this act. To start with, there can be hackers who might use other peoples' accounts to plant a cyber version of libel on their victims.

People should know that hacking can not only happen online, it's usually not as cool as what you see in TV series; most of the time it's just as simple as daylight swindling. Simply sharing your account details to others could result to having one's account stolen. Also, in the net, people tend to hide their true names. Others even create an entirely different persona exclusive only in the virtual world. This case, the court would have no way of telling who is responsible for the 'cybercrime'.

The consequences are not limited to this. What worries me is that there is a VERY BIG chance that this law will not be properly be implemented and thus, will only end up as a waste of effort, time, and most of all, mon—err, government 'funds'. It could all just be another hopeless effort to control an existing but abstract dimension, where the rules are ironically more primitive than the physical world. The limits are vague: the virtual can be the reality, and the reality can be the virtual.

Either way, one thing is clear: with so many problems that require more attention, our government could not handle this one seriously if they don't focus on killing the Great Spider. Focus on education first; that way, the government would probably have less to worry about cybersex or internet pornography, right? Discipline should first be ensured.

Priorities, is what I'm talking about (although I clearly am not one to talk). I'm not saying that the entire human race would die without the web (the BC years aside, we've lived at least 1900 years without it). The only thing that's bothering me is: why is government trying to take control of the Great Spider?

Our government knows that this is something they could not handle as of yet, but they are still trying to put a leash on the net—or rather, they're tying one of the Great Spider's legs to make it their puppet.

I'm thinking (and I might just be exaggerating with this) that there is something the higher-ups know that we don't. I may be reading too much into this or maybe I'm already brainwashed with conspiracy stories, but this is so suspicious. The act was done in haste, with most of the mass unaware until it got approved. I think (and I dare say it) that this act is simply a preface to a bigger plan, a preparation for a larger venture.

People may think I'm crazy, but my over-active imagination makes me think that they're preparing for what may be the greatest and deadliest revolution of all time.

What do you think would happen to our 'modern' civilization, the Great Spider, if all its legs are tied and secured by opposing forces who want to pull the great spider for themselves?

The Great Spider, our civilization, will be pulled apart, torn to pieces and bloody. People are probably going to lose lives, and once again, the world will be divided.

It is not far-fetched; it has happened before and had marred our world history twice. Although this time, ironically enough, it might start out with cool, luxurious gadgets and cutting-edge technology, the probability isn't zero.

I'm guessing it is coming: a cyberwar.

PS: Gehahahahahahaha! Ignore the last few paragraphs if you like, but I've got an idea for a story with this already. I might be able to develop a plot with it. Read if it comes out, okay?

The Paranoid and Crazy Author,

Feyerah Klydell Evvs