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Time: 3:27 am

Date: 4/7/43

Location: Warehouse

Mission: 47th

A dark,hooded figure crouched on a pile of wooden crates, over looking the busy floor of the warehouse. The lights were dim, the floor un-cleaned, steam rising from god knows where. Scientists bustled about distractedly, stopping from time to time to speak nervously with a security guard. Kione knew his mission. Kill a scientist with the red tag on his chest, symbolizing his job. It was to torture an innocent human in cold blood. He had to find him, and terminate him. He felt the blood lust stir deep in his veins. He loved fighting. Just the thought of wielding his weapons made him shiver with excitement. His eyes immediately swiveled to a man around his late 40's, who had just left a meeting of some sort. Kione soundlessly dropped to the floor, and disappeared into the shadows, in pursuit of the target.

"I have to kill him"

The doctor opened a computer by a heavy weight door, and hit a few keys, and spoke into it.

"Get me Experiment No.12756 as quickly as possible."

"Please state your reasons, and ID."

"He needs to be interrogated for a crime. ."

"No.12756 has been released. It will be in Room #354, prepared for your interrogation."


The doctor closed the computer, and walked down the corridor, presumably heading for Room #354. Kione, silently followed, un-noticed. The halls were empty and silent, besides the sound of the doctor's shoes clicking on the wet floor. Kione's breathing was paced with his heart, and steps, his body aching to just kill him there. But he couldn't leave the body in a place it would take hours to find, no. He had to kill the doctor in plain sight of the video cameras. The doctor slowed down as he turned a corner, and Kione knew that Room #354 was very close. He stepped back into the shadows, where he knew he would be unseen, and decided to watch the scientist in action. A young man, half naked, body covered in wounds, sat in a chair with his hands chained behind him. He lifted his head up as the doctor opened the door, and slipped inside.

"Are we here for another torture session?"

"No. The organization sent me here to dispose of you. They've found no reason to keep you alive. Even though you were a special subject"

"Doesn't matter to me. I would have died thousands of times if I could have."

"Who said I would be quick?"

The doctor drew a scalpel off an instrument table in the corner of the white tiled room. The victim swallowed, but kept his brave up.

"It doesn't matter."

"I was planning to cut your throat and watch you die slowly."

"Go ahead."

The doctor smiled, and crouched down in front of the beaten subject.

"I'll miss you No.12756... You were so much fun to torture."

No.12756 cringed away. The doctor stood up, grabbed his jaw, and forced his head back, inspecting the columns of his throat. He started tracing a line with the scalpel, like an artist making a smooth sketch.

"It's such a pity... I won't be getting good reviews... I've had to kill too many people, without getting good answers outta them... Such a shame."

The subject let out a strangled whimper.

"Yes... It's such a shame that I have to kill you."

The doctor whirled around, abruptly letting go of the man. A tall, burly man stood in front of him. A man with black robes, and every single type of weapon from a gun, to small knife stood in front of him. It wasn't just that, but the hood shrouding his face, the cold icy blue irises of the man's eyes stared down at him, murderous from underneath. His right gloved hand held a sword, but not a normal sword. It was am icy blue as well, and radiated cold. The doctor felt fear like he'd never felt before. He staggered back, arm shielding his face.

"P-please! Sir, I have done nothing I swear! Let me... Let me live!"

He felt the freezing cold blade against his neck, nicking him if he moved even slightly.

"I have to kill you for all the things you have done."

Kione took a step forward, a beginning of a heart stopping grin spreading across his rough features. The target cowered down, and with inhuman speed, he sliced the sword across the doctor's flank. The blood didn't flow till a second later. The doctor fell to the floor, staining the white tiled floor, his face frozen into fear. Kione stepped behind the horrified subject, and slipped the tip of his sword into the lock. He tweaked it a few times, and it finally clicked. He helped the subject out of the chains, and he looked up at the hooded figure fearfully.

"I'm not going to hurt you... don't worry. I just need the quickest way out."

"Best way out, it's the roof. Thanks man. I'm still not sure wether to believe you're a good man, but..."

"I work with Department No.98"

"Wow. You must be very skilled to work with them."


Kione opened the door, and growled back at the subject.

"Want to come with me to Dep No.98...? You know you're way around here. People there would find that useful. And you were also a special subject?"

"Yeah. I was a major part in last year's war."

"Then come with me."


They slipped out the door. The halls were glowing with red alarms, and screams and shouts were heard echoing down the hall.

"He was down at Room #354!"

Footsteps were heard, and Kione guessed there were at least 15 guards coming for them.

"There's a door that leads out down this hall! I know the code, but could you fight them while I do that? Can you handle-"

"Can I handle 15 guards? That's no problem to me. Let's go."

They sprinted down the hall silently. Kione felt the blood stir in his veins, and his right hand twitched towards his sword. They halted at the end.

"Just give me a minute, and then we'll be gone!"

Kione drew his sword out, closed his eyes, and felt the blade with his fingertips, making an incision so sharp he barely noticed. His blade was like part of him. It had been given to him, by his father, that was mudered in cold blood by the rival organization. The blade was like a smooth wave, and at the tip, it was hooked twice. It gave him the ability to stab straight through his opponent easily, yank them towards him, and refuse to let them go unless Kione used a downward cut. He whirled the deadly blade in his hands a few times, and he saw the guards round the corner.

Now fighting was a different matter. He had always loved it. The excitement, the adrenaline, watching people stoop down to you... in defeat. A grin spread across his face, and the guards drew their swords, and taunted him. One of them lunged. Kione analyzed his exact movements. His right arm was the power source, and his steps, he would land on his right foot hard. Kione smiled. The guard swung down with all his strength. Kione's hooked side of the blade caught his sword tip, and he twisted under the attack, countering. He moved swiftly behind him, puling his sword down and causing the guard to falter. Kione yanked his sword away, and sent the blade straight through him. He pulled up for good measure. The guard fell to the ground, his face a mask of shock. Blood spattered the floor around him. He smiled at his other opponents. A few of them hesitant, a few of them just stupid. Another one made a move. Kione watched the way his sword stayed close to the ground. A cut upwards. Kione jumped to the side, blocking the blade with the hooked part. With inhuman strength and speed, he kicked the guard in the stomach, causing him to stoop over painfully. Kione delivered a punch upwards, making him stagger back. Kione un-hooked his sword, did a flashy spin, and stab straight through his chest. He pulled it out, and kicked him, sending him sprawling backwards. He sent a horrifying tooth baring grin to the others, who were stepping back in horror.

"Anyone would like to face me?"

They all turned and ran, leaving Kione snickering behind them.


"Let's get out of here before more come."

The subject nodded as the door slid open slowly. He slipped outside and started running. Kione glanced back. His mission was done. He turned, and pulled his hood over his still-grinning face.