Meet Inspector Conrad And His New Partner

by The Rocket Master

It was a very rainy day in the city. I am Inspector Conrad, and this is my story. Mr. Shepard, my boss, called me today. "Conrad, i'd like to have a meeting with you", he said. What meeting, i thought to myself. So, i went to my boss's office and found him and another man in there. "Conrad, i'd like to introduce you to your new partner, Shamus O'Gilligan", he said. "And, what's your name, sir, if i may ask?" "John", i said. "John Conrad". "Nice to meet you, John", he said politely. "Shamus, huh? That's an odd name", i remarked. "It's Irish", he said. "Oh, so that means you're Irish?" "Well, no", he said "My parents are Irish". "Oh". So, i asked the chief what's our next case. "Well, Lonesome Sam broke out of prison". I remember now. Lonesome Sam Brunswick used to be my partner a long time ago, before he turned to a life of crime, and this O'Gilligan guy. "Okay, boss. We'll get right on it." Something tells me i won't like my new partner. "Hey, Shamus, how about a game of table tennis?", i asked. "Well, i haven't played it in years, but okay".

So we started to play table tennis. The game was reaching it's most exciting time, when O'Gilligan missed. "What the fuck! How could i have missed?" He pushed the table aside, and started to move towards me. "What the hell's wrong with you, man! You know what? Everything was fine, until you came along! I work alone!" "You work alone? Where would you be without me, because i'm the only one who knows where Lonesome Sam is hiding!". "And, where's that, Mr. Smart Ass?" "He's hiding out at the Belleview hotel. I know this, because i used to be one of his men". I was suprised. "Why didn't you tell me this before, when we were in the office?" "Look, man, i wanted to be a detective all my life, even while i was working for Sam." That made sense. A crook who decided to do good from now on. "Okay, let's head to the hotel."

We arrived at the hotel, and we were immediately greeted by one of Sam's men. "Where do you think you''re going?", he asked, with a polite tone in his voice. "We're here to arrest your boss. Got a problem with that?" The man pulled out a gun. O'Gilligan also pulled out a gun, and shot the man in the arm. "Nice shot, man! Where'd you learn to do that?" "When i worked for Sam, i had to aim for the arm". That made sense. After we left the injured man, we came to a conclusion that we didn't know where Sam was hiding. "He must be in the penthouse." We took the elevator. 10 minutes later, we made it to the penthouse. We were suprised again to discover that Sam had a big muscular man guarding him. "Ooh, he looks a little too tough for me", i said. "Don't worry", Shamus said "I know kung fu". O'Gilligan jumped into the air, and pulled off a flying windmill kick. The man fell down. Then Sam arrived. "Conrad, how did you find my hideout?" "With a little help from your ex-thug, who now works for me!" "O'Gilligan, why did you betray me! Well, no matter. You'll never take me alive!" He jumped off the building, instantly dying below. "He would've gotten the death penalty, anyway", O'Gilligan said.

We went back to the office and told the chief what happened. "He would've gotten the death penalty if he stayed in prison", Mr. Shepard said. "Nice job, boys!" "Thanks, chief!"