Just A Kiss

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Dahlia's POV

Everything was happening to fast. One moment we were just talking and laughing, anything we would be doing on any normal day. The next moment, our heads were getting closer and closer together, and seemed like neither of us notice. Our lips touched, it wasn't like just a peck either, it was a normal kiss that lasted at least ten seconds. To any other person who didn't know our story, they would've thought it was romantic. The sun was setting, the birds were chirping, the whole scene screamed romance. I would've thought it was romantic too, if I was kissing any other boy and not him.

He is my best friend. We've been together our whole lives and I love him to death, though I never thought I could ever think of him that way. Now I can't stop. Each time a thought like that pops into my head, the hair on the back of my neck stand up and a cold chill sneaks it's way down my back. I know what your thinking, 'It's just a kiss,' Yeah, well if it was between you and him it would be just a kiss but since it was between me and him it's different. He's not just my best friend, he's my twin.

We are fraternal twins, meaning we don't have to be the same gender or look alike, and we don't. While I have raven black hair, that comes down to around the middle of my back, emerald green eyes, and somewhat tan skin; he has light brown hair, that comes a little below his ear, hazel eyes, and pale skin. For this, people think we aren't even siblings. He's my favorite person ever, he's the only person I would ever tell my secrets to, he's the only person I can truly trust. He's always been different than any other guy I've met. He just gives off this happy, warm feeling whenever he's around me, I've never gotten that feeling with anyone else before, but that doesn't mean anything, does it?

I try to fall asleep but sadly, my mind can't stop wandering to that moment in time and the questions I have about it. So it looks like I will not get any sleep. As I toss and turn one thing sticks out in my head the most:

Derek Nathan Clarkson. Has A certain ring to it, doesn't it?

Derek's POV

How can my mind think about a girl like her, like that? How can my lips touch a her lips like that? Why can't I stop thinking about it? How does she feel about it?

These questions and more pop through my head. How could they not? In one day me and my twin sister kiss, and go from the closest of people , to being father than Pluto is from the Sun. I can't blame her for wanting to stay away from me. It would obviously be awkward, I mean, if you kissed your sibling wouldn't it be awkward too?

Is it terrible to say I want it again? It felt so wrong, that it felt so right. It made my stomach do flip-flops like I was on a non-stop roller coaster with tons of loops. My lips felt all tingly and my mind went hazy. I've kissed girls before and it never felt like that. Was it the fact that I knew if anyone we knew caught us, we would be screw, or was it something else? Something that, depending on a person's point of view could be terrible, or perfect.

She has grown up so much since we were little. Her hips have gotten wider, her skin has gotten smoother and softer, and her chest has gotten so much bigger. What am I thinking!? Yeah, I may have kissed her but she is still my sister. This is so wrong, but as I said before it felt so right. Do the pros weigh out the cons, or should I just pretend it never happened?I don't think I can just ignore it, it'll always be in my head and my heart, but if it makes her feel better and we can still be close, than I will be happy.

I try to think of something else but it doesn't work. How can it when she is sleeping peacefully right next door to me? When she sleeps she looks even more like an angel than when she's awake. She smiles a lot. I'm sure she's dreaming about some super cute boy, and not me, though I can't help but feel jealous, like it's so wrong for her to have a normal crush and not a weird, wrong one.

I'm tossing and turning on my blue comforter, thinking about her, oh, how I want to kiss those soft, yet tender lips again. That isn't the main thing on my mind though...

Dahlia Nicole Clarkson. Has A certain ring to it, doesn't it?