Just A Kiss

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Dahlia's POV

Morning finally came, staring at my ceiling and think about you know how for eight hours is about as fun as watching paint dry. I left my room at the exact moment he left his, and it's a great thing our rooms are right next door to each others. I looked over at him and he looked at me. Our eyes met for a split second until I turned away I didn't want to look at him, but when I did i wasn't angry, I didn't know what I was feeling.

"I think we should talk about this," he told me as I looked at the carpet, at the moment it was the only thing interesting in that hallway.

"That's great, and look we just did talk about it," and with that I walked away. I didn't need his face, voice, body, or anything else of his in my mind. I know, it might be consider rude, what I'm doing to him, but, how would you feel if you were kissed by someone of the same relation? You'd probably be acting the same way, or at least similar.

"That's not what I consider talking about it," I heard him call after me 'Oh well, it counted for me and I think that's all that matters,' I know, I know that sounds so stuck up and snobby, but after what he did, I don't think he deserves to be happy and get his way.

I walk in to the bathroom for two reasons; One, he can't walk in here while I'm in here, right now it's my unnamed territory. And two today's a school day and I'd like to try and look presentable and not like I got ran over by at least ten buses. I still hear him trying to talk to me from the other side of the door. " Just ignore him," I whisper to my self as I start to apply my make-up. Luckily make-up seems to cover all flaws in today's world. By the time I'm finished, I actually look pretty good. If you just looked at me, you wouldn't be able to see the all-niter I didn't even try to pull.

When I leave the bathroom, I'm glad to see that he's not standing there anymore. He must've got tired of trying to convince me to talk to him, knowing that when I said no I meant it. I walk down stairs to see he's not there either. Did he leave me? We always walk to school together, how could he leave me? Oh yeah, I'm mad at him, that's why he left. Still he should've at least walked out the door when I came down stairs, at least then I would've seen him leave, know where he stands.

I leave to see he's nowhere to be seen he must've left minutes ago and be well on his way to school. I wonder if anyone saw us, I couldn't live it down if they did. I had plenty of time to get to school, about twenty minutes, and at an average walking speed it takes five, so I could walk slow and let my mind wander, which was a good thing. Why am I so upset that he left? Aren't I mad at him? He did something so terrible, it's illegal, it's incest...twincest. I smile at my play on words. but it's sad that it's the truth. I can't believe he did that. He messed with my emotions then kissed me. Who does that? Well, I'm sure a lot of people do, but I didn't expect that out of him. He's my brother, I've known him my whole life, he's sweet and kind, and I was positive that he wouldn't do that to anyone, especially me. I guess I was wrong.

I reach school with minutes to spare, like I knew I would, to find that he isn't out there. Where could he be? He is never one to skip school, hell I can't remember the last time he was absent for being sick. He loathes just missing a class, so you must imagine what it's like for him to miss a day. Wait, why am I worried? I shouldn't care, I pretty much disowned him, but I can't help but find that my mind is always in a haze of thoughts about him.

Derek's POV

She keeps ignoring me. I want to explain what happened to her but she won't even listen to me. I know I made a mistake, but I'm human and isn't that what all humans make? Well, I guess in her mind I need to be perfect, but why is that? She told me that she expects no one to be perfect, but I guess I am an exception.

She's being rude too. I tell her that we need to talk about it, and she blows me off like she's autumn wind and I'm a fallen leaf. I walked to school without her today, the first time I've ever done it willingly. The only other times I did it was if she was sick and I wasn't. Walking alone is so...lonely. You have no one to talk to, unless you talk to yourself, which would be really weird.

Walking alone was good for one thing though, it was good for thinking. I understand why she's ignoring me, if I was in her shoes I would ignore me too. Just because I understand though, doesn't mean I like it. I hate that she is doing that, but if one can play that game, so can two. That's why I left, I don't enjoy doing that, but I don't think that it's fair if she doesn't get her taste of this unjust medicine.

I walk into the school early and walk to the library. I pick out a random book, and try to get lost in it. Sadly, my mind has to much on it to get lost in this character's drama and life. I just sit there and think. I guess I brought all of this on myself, but her lips were innocent either, they kissed back. Hell, I think her lips kissed back with more passion than mine. The bell rings to start the say. I slowly get up to leave, regretting this day before it has truly begun. She is in all of my classes, and they all go by alphabetical order, so guess who I sit next to. If you guessed Dahlia, you guessed right.

I walk into my first class, which just so happens to be my favorite class, Math. I don't know why it's my favorite, I just know I love getting lost in the numbers and equations. I find that she's not there, which just makes my nerves soar, since she could walk through the door any second now. I find my seat, and lay my head on the desk, suddenly feeling tired from staying up all night. I hear the door open and shut, so I pick my head up to see who it is. My eyes land on someone looking more beautiful than usual. The beauty can only be compared to that of a Dahlia flower, and with that beauty my nerves soar to levels I didn't think were possible.