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Dahlia's POV

I walk into my first period class, to see it's empty, except for one person, and sadly it wasn't the teacher. There Derek sat, looking terrible. Maybe he should have put on make-up too, because anyone can see that there is something wrong. You can see the bags under his eyes a mile away. He hates not getting a full night of sleep, and I can tell he didn't get one last night. I looked into his eyes, he looked like he was somewhere else. Somewhere far, far away. He is staring at the door, as if he's waiting for someone. 'Maybe it was me,' I think, but that thought is quickly pushed out of my head, 'If he was waiting for you, why would he still be looking at the door?'

I walk over to my desk and copy the homework the teacher had wrote on the board before he left the room to do whatever teachers do. I can't help but be worried for Derek. Maybe he is taking me not talking to him hard, but if he was doing that, why would he leave me? More kids walk into the room, but it doesn't matter. I'm can only think about him. The bell rings and all the last minute kids file in right after the teacher.

Math has always been one of my best subjects, numbers come easy to me, not as easy as words do, but still very easy. Today though, I couldn't focus on anything but Derek. I'm supposed to be mad at him, but I can't stop worrying for him. He made a huge mistake, he's not supposed to make mistakes. I think back on how it felt when his lips touched mine. It felt amazing, like fireworks being set off on my lips. Was it supposed to feel good? I mean, boys have kissed me before, but this felt different, strangely in a good way, and not in a weird and terrible way.

"Ms. Clarkson!" I heard Mr. Shields my math teacher exclaim. That shook me out of my haze and now everyone in the class is staring at me as if I was in a freak show. Everyone except Derek that is.

"Huh?" I ask seeing no indication around the room on what question I'm supposed to answer.

"I asked you what does x equal if it is in this equation," He states as he points to the board, which says 5x+10=7x-8

"Oh," I quickly solve the problem. "X equals nine sir,"

"Correct," He says "Pay more attention, like you normal do,"

"Yes sir," I agree, but quickly go into another haze about Derek.

First period ended in what felt like 10 minutes, even though it was the standard 90 minutes. I leave the class without Derek, knowing that if he was ready before I was, he would have done the same thing. I was off to health, and so was he... Great. "Hey Dolly, wait up!" I heard someone scream from behind me. Suddenly, I had an arm wrapped around my neck.

"Mandy, you know how much I can't stand that nick-name," I tell my girl best friend. Well, I guess my only best friend now.

"And you know how much I can't stand the name Mandy," She states as she puts on a fake look of annoyance and takes her arm from around my neck, and crosses it with her other arm over her chest.

"That's why I said it," I tell her. Her real name is Amanda Chestnut, and she is in my health class so luckily she will sit on the other side of me. We have been best friends since pre-k when we first met. She's a very bubbly person, so you know it is bad when you make her angry. She's very energetic and crazy, which is why I love her. It makes her unpredictable and she isn't afraid of how people think of her, trust me, she wouldn't be this crazy if she did. With her long, curl, light brown hair and icy blue eyes, almost every guy wants to date her. She prefers single life though, it's less drama, and she can do whatever she wants to do.

"On another note, before this becomes nick-name war number twelve," she starts bringing up all the other times we have annoyed each other with the unwanted nicknames. "Where's the D man?"

"Somewhere," I reply, not really wanting to talk about 'the D man'.

"Where? I mean usually it seems like you two are joined at the hip, and now he's nowhere to be seen. Is he sick?" She asks.

" No, he's here, we just needed..." I trail off, trying to think of the right word to finish the sentence, "Space away from each other."

"I'm sorry to tell you this hon, but I don't think you will get much space from him. The only times for space here are the five minutes between every class and the thirty minutes for lunch." She says as if I know nothing about mine and his schedule. "Why do you even need space? Studies show that it is healthy to be that close someone," She goes off, explaining the study and statistic of the study. She has always been one for that stuff. She says it helps her make logical decisions so she makes less mistakes and is all around happier. I say it is because she is a people pleaser and she thinks looking at studies will help please people because it shows what most people like. And of course she is in denial and won't listen to my reason, but mine is obviously the true one, or at least she could both of our reasons together and it would be the full story.

"I don't want to talk about it, and we are close so I still can follow that study," I say, trying to shut her up. I really don't want to talk about it, I want to shut him out and have a normal life.

"If you can't tell me why you want space from him, we aren't as close as you and him. If it was the other way around, you would tell him in a heartbeat why you needed space from me." She states, appointment etched into her voice. She wants to be as close to me as I was to him, but I known him my whole life, so I trusted him more.

"It's a long story, okay?"

"Then give me a summary, please? You know me, you know I won't judge you or over-exaggerate or anything," I can tell she is being desperate for me to tell her. I do want to tell her, I just don't know how to.

"Come with me," I say as I lead her into the closest bathroom. If I'm going to tell her, I might as well tell her in the most private place so no one else hears. "Hello, is anyone in here?" I ask as I open the door, so I know for a fact no one else will hear.

"What are you doing?" Amanda asks me, confused as an Amanda can be.

"If you want me to tell you, I want to tell you in private," I state as I look around, double checking that me and her are the only girls in here.

"Then can't you tell me later, we need to get to class, and I really don't want to be late. You know how hard Mrs. Bowington is with people coming in late with out a pass," The last time someone was late, they got two weeks of after school detention. Which I could understand if they were late like a thousand times, but that was the first time in that goody-two-shoes life.

"You either can find out now, or wait for me to build the nerve to say it again, which might take forever." I warn her.

She hesitates before answering with, "Fine. I can probably convince my mom that I'm just staying after for a club or something."

"Here it goes," I say as I take a deep breath and stare at her, "Me and Derek. We kissed."

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