Okay so this is a story that a friend and i came up with while we were in high school its kinda based off of the House of night series but it takes some turns that I hope leads it away from that story line. So please go easy this is out first story to be posted up reviews are welcome and Enjoy ^^!

Chapter One: New begining

Elizabeth looked at her twin sister, bent over in pain and coughing. Her long, black hair had unusual natural platinum blonde highlights to it. She pulled her coat tighter around her. She looked up and saw someone point to her and then to her sister. She felt an unusual tingling on her forehead. She thought to herself 'Why was a tracker at Owasso High'?She looked at her sister and saw the sapphire blue outlined crescent moon; her silver-blue eyes widened.

Eliza doubled over as a violent cough along with the burning pain racked through her once again. Through her long, platinum blonde hair, with its random black highlights, she saw a pair of legs approaching and knew instinctively that it was her twin sister. Out of nowhere, she felt an odd tingling on her forehead. She felt so weak. She collapsed, her final thought before black oblivion took over being 'Maybe I'm finally going to die and have some relief from this accursed pain.'
She awoke moments later in her own bed. Her sister, Elizabeth's face hovered worriedly over her own. There was an outline of a moon tattooed perfectly on her forehead. She was grimacing in agony and coughing violently as she said, "I could only carry you this far. Now that you're awake, we have to get to the Lunaris Academy, where we'll be safe." "No…" she muttered, horrified. Elizabeth didn't see her fear. "Both of us! At once- Isn't this just so awesome!" Even through the pain her excitement was clear. Eliza was mortified.
Artimis (Elizabeth)
I looked at my sister as another wave of agony rolled through my body. "Come on, let's get to the car. We need to go now." I helped my sister up and put my arm under her shoulder and led her out of the house. I helped her into the passenger side and closed the door. I went to the driver side and fished in my jeans pocket for my keys. I pulled them out then opened the door and got in. I pulled my seatbelt on and started the car.
I backed out of the driveway. Once all the way out, I put it in drive and drove away from our house. A spasm of pain sprang up again and I lost control of the car. I slammed it into a tree and blacked out. The next thing I knew, I was somehow in a flower-filled meadow with my sister. A woman appeared in front of us. She had long silvery hair and dark eyes. "My daughters, do not be upset with your Chosen fate. Both of you have been Chosen by me." She kissed both our foreheads, and I felt the now already familiar tingle.
I could smell the Danger hormone emanating off two girls…twins. They were coughing violently as their pain made them ill because they had ignored it for a while. I looked at the girl with midnight black hair with unusual platinum blonde highlights: she looked directly at me as she was coughing. I pointed to her then her sister, following the ritual correctly, and the familiar sapphire blue crescents appeared. I followed the black-haired girl as she carried her sister to the car and home.
They stayed in the house for about ten minutes. Then the black-haired girl helped her sister to the car and drove, but I watched in horror as they crashed. I immediately called the Tulsa Lunaris Academy. They sent a Son of Anubis and a large car. I pulled out the girl with platinum blonde hair first and the Son of Anubis pulled the black-haired girl out. We put them in the back seat and I noticed both girls' crescents had filled in completely. I buckled them in and got in the passenger seat and we sped to the Tulsa Lunaris Academy. Once there I got the black haired girl out and the Son of Anubis got the blonde out. We carried them to the infirmary, and then left the resident nurses to tend to them.
Artimis (Elizabeth)
I awoke sometime later in a room. I looked over at my sister who at the moment was still asleep. How could I do this to my own sister?I thought to myself. It was then I realized I wasn't in pain or ill anymore. I sat up, and a blonde-haired nurse appeared in the doorway. "Oh, my dear, you're up. Let me call the High Priestess." She disappeared again.
I looked at my sister again- her crescent moon was completely filled in. I got out of my bed and went to the mirror in the room. My mark, too, was filled in. I heard someone enter the room and I turned. A dark skinned woman with long black hair and hazel eyes stood there. Her vampyre markings stood out from her skin- they were wispy. From the crescent moon was what looked like a mere delicate-looking flame. Out of respect I bowed to her. She smiled at me. "I'm High Priestess Tinya. And you are?" I straightened up. "Elizabeth Turman."
"Is that the name you want?" she asked pleasantly, a slightly confused look on her face.
"No…it's not," I replied.
"What name is it you want?" she said, leaning against the wall.
"Artimis Night." I heard my sister sit up. I turned and went to her. "Sister," I took her hand in mine. "This is High Priestess Tinya." I motioned toward the High Priestess with my hand.
"What is your name, dear one?" I was still looking at my sister when Tina asked her. She didn't hesitate. "Synthia Black." I smiled when she spoke. "Well, Artimis and Synthia, I am going to be your Mentor. And you should know that it is very unusual that I have taken on sisters." High Priestess Tinya spoke somewhat timidly.

I remember Elizabeth half dragging me to the car. I would have rather died than be marked, but no. She was so intent on saving me. Inconsiderate bitch. Then, of course, she drives way too fast as usual. OK, so maybe that's just me being bitter- she wasn't driving that fast. And she crashes. Then nothing.
It felt like hours later when I sat up at the words "Artimis Night"- being spoken by my sister. She came over to me. As she made the introduction- "Sister," she said, "This is High Priestess Tinya."- I looked warily at the woman leaning against the wall. She had dark skin, long black hair, hazel eyes, and beautiful vampyre markings. They were wispy and looked a little like a flame. Then she spoke to me in a rather melodic voice. "What is your name, dear one?"
I didn't have one in mind, but still I didn't hesitate and said the words that immediately came to mind as a name that seemed to fit who I truly was. "Synthia Black." After she said she would be our Mentor (which apparently was something rather unusual), Liz-sorry, Art and I were shown to our room. At least we didn't have to worry about being stuck with some snob as our roommates, which was lucky. Once we were a little settled in, we went exploring.
Walking through the halls, it suddenly hit me. The excitement of it. "Oh my gosh! We are in the house of the vampyres!" My sister was shocked.
"I thought you were all bitter about this whole thing," she said.
"Not anymore. How can I be? We are actually in the Lunaris Academy! Oh- and…sorry I called you an inconsiderate bitch earlier. I'm actually grateful to you for saving my life."
"Umm, Syn, sweetie, you didn't call me that…" She had that sympathetic tone she gets when she thinks I've gone kinda loopy.
"I didn't? Oh, well then, I must've just thought it. Oops, sorry- I usually tell you whatever pops into my head. Guess I didn't this time…" She just laughed. Later on we had to ask directions from this really pretty, yet snobby girl so we could find the dining hall.
She 'allowed' us to follow at a certain distance behind her so she wouldn't look uncool by showing the newcomers the way. Looking at Artimis, I could tell her and I were thinking the same thing-What a Bitch!Then, this really hot guy brushed right past her, so when she paused, being all indignant, we shoved past her and hurried after 'Mr. Hottie'.Hey, I don't know his name and the guy is FINE,OK!
I was slightly confused when my sister apologized for calling me a bitch. All I did was laugh, but I went through momentary shock when she was actually happy to be there. Just then, my sister's cat and my own walked into the room. My beautiful black cat with a white spot on her chest jumped into my arms. Her silver-blue eyes looked up at me. "Yin, pretty girl," I said in a baby talk voice. The cat purred happily. I held my cat as this girl- her name was Sapphire- evidently such a snob, led us to the cafeteria.
When this relatively good-looking guy brushed by her, we stormed past her and her snob moment. "Um, can you spell bitch?" I said softly to my sister. Her white cat with its black spot on its chest, Yang, following her. I put Yin down. My sister and I went to the lunch line. Both of our cats walked out of the cafeteria. I could feel everyone's eyes begin to focus upon my sister and I.
When we walked into the cafeteria- oops, dining hall- I could feel everyone starting to stare at us. "So…" I said, awkwardly trying to make conversation with Artimis. "Wonder who the bitch was in the hall." "Uh, hello!" she said like I was the kind of blonde people make jokes about. "She told us her name. It's Sapphire. You know, I bet you didn't even notice that our cats showed up did you? What's weird about it is that they actually seemed to like us now. Remember how much they hated us…Yeah that hatred seems to have vanished with our boring human lives. They like us much more as vampires, even if we are still just fledglings."
I looked at her dumbfounded. I actually hadn't noticed the cats or the girl's name. I had been too busy marveling at the wonder of the place. But, I didn't tell her that. "You talk too much," was my brilliant remark instead. Yep, probably should've stuck to the truth on that if I couldn't come up with anything better.
I looked away quickly, somewhat embarrassed. I tried to find somewhere to sit. (I was kind of hoping to get a seat at least semi-close to where 'Mr. Dreamboat'.) And yes, I realize I just called him that, but I don't even care. He wasn't in the dining hall though. By the time we had actually gotten our salads, we were invited to sit with a small group of third formers (basically freshmen like us) and we, of course, accepted with great relief.
Especially on my part, because I just do NOT do crowds. I'm used to being part of the shadows, which probably explains why many people think I'm sort of "dark". I wear dark clothes, people! It does not make me Goth! I just like to blend in and be invisible.
I sat down next to a red head girl who introduced us to everyone. "That's Gabe, Austin, Laurin, and I'm Jenifer or Jen for short." I nodded and waved at everyone, then proceeded to eat my salad. I stopped only because I felt a slight difference in air pressure. I turned and saw a relatively tall guy enter.
He had curly black hair, olive colored skin, and hazel eyes; just like our High Priestess. He walked to a table not too far away with the guy who my sister thought was - and I quote- 'Mr. Dreamboat'. And I thought to myself, Now how did I know that?
I finished eating and threw my plate away. I returned to the table and stood behind my twin. "I'm going for a walk, sis. I'll see you in our room," I turned and walked away and went out of the dining hall, then through the door. I took a deep breath.
The night air was cool but comfortable. After a moment, I could hear whispering and I followed the sound. I came upon an old oak tree and I noticed the tracker from the school speaking to another vampyre. Suddenly their attention turned to me and by instinct I moved to retreat form their presence as quickly as possible. They moved subtly in my path, stopping me.
I wasn't stupid- I knew they were up to something. "Stop. I don't want to fight but I will if I have to," I spoke clearly as they began to circle me. I closed my eyes and let out a steady breath. I imagined an immense force slamming against them, pushing them back. I felt someone slam into me.
Opening my eyes, it was the tracker. "No!" he shouted and I saw the wind throw him off me. The wind swirled around me. "We have to kill her," the other guy said to him. He seemed almost confused about it and just saying it to confirm it. "To stop that damned prophesy!" the tracker said quickly. The other vampyre lunged at me but was thrown back. All I could think was Synthia, I need you!The tracker lunged and I swung my fist and it connected with his nose. But the wind helped me pack an extra punch.