A quick note from the authors.

The following story is a collaboration written between me (Toni) and my best friend (Lena). The part of Cyril is written by Toni and the part of Elviria is written by Lena, the other characters were shared equally. We created (nearly) everything in this story, characters, settings, etc. This story is our own little time period, with a mix of modern technology and Renaissance themes. We apologize if it's confusing.

This story contains anthropomorphic beings. In this story, they are humans with animal ears, tails and instincts. They are used as slaves by humans, whether they be used to cook, clean, care for children or do something... More, for their masters, varies from character to character.

This story contains animal-like people, human slavery, violence, and strong language. Possibly some adult situations.

Readers have been warned.