The end of this chapter may surprise some people. If you fangirl easily, proceed with caution. (I should have warned the other writer, she died when she saw what I wrote for Cyril to do.)

Trust Me
Chapter Five

Elviria walked down the pathway leading towards the town once again, the collar so comfortable around her neck she almost forgot it was there. As though it was magic, nobody around her got mad or told her to get back to her house. She was able to roam freely with the bag of coins jingling on her hip. Though Cyril had told her she could buy whatever she wanted, she had no intention what so ever of buying anything. He had already given her so much, and remembering Clovis's story about how hard it must have been to obtain her tag, she knew not to buy anything or even consider it.

As she continued to walk down the streets and window shop freely, she noticed a certain few people hanging around another store, not too far away from her. They had bandages on their faces where Cyril had hurt them, and she stopped dead in her tracks, her tail twitching as she anxiously wondered whether it was okay to walk past them or just go straight home like her master had told her.

Coming to the conclusion that they couldn't do anything and she would be safe to just walk past, she commanded her feet to move again. They did, and she stared straight ahead as she got nearer, refusing to look their way and acknowledge them at all.

One of the boys, the one with bandages all around his head, noticed the cat girl. "Hey, who's that?" he laughed and stood, walking over to her with the other two boys following her. "Hey there, slave," he said as the three created a line, blocking her path. "Where's that red headed master of yours?"

Elviria squeaked lightly, her ears flattening and her tail continuing to flick. "A-At home," she said quietly, ducking her head as she clasped her hands together in front of her, looking at the ground. "Just ignore them," she thought. "Then they'll go away."

"Don't you know it's against the rules for a slave to be out without her master?" he laughed loudly, but was cut short when one of the other boys whispered something in his ear, his eyes looking directly at Elviria's collar. "Ah... I see. Well... If he's not around to protect you this time, let's play a game." He smiled, his eyes filled with anger as he made his way closer and closer to the girl.

Elviria's head quickly snapped back up, and she walked backwards slowly, the other's eyes burning holes into her. "N-No, that's okay, thank you," she said shakily, but the boy only sped up his pace. She quickly turned around and ran the other way, glad this was one of those days where she didn't wear too long of a dress.

All three boys took off running after Elviria, calling her names and telling her to come back or they'd tell on her. Elviria tried her best to ignore them, fighting back the frightened tears. She made it past the front gates of the mansion and turned to look at the boys who had stopped dead in their tracks, looking at each other in amazement.

"N-no wonder she has that collar..." the leader of the boys muttered, before calling out with a shaky voice. "Send our apologies to your master!"

With that, they took off running back the way they had come. Elviria sighed in relief and turned to walk inside, deciding she had been outside of the home long enough for one day already. She looked ahead and saw a handsome man with brown hair walking along the path to the side of the house, he was followed by two beautiful female vixens. He noticed her and stopped, the girls stopping in time with him. Elviria kept walking, but to her disappointment the man made his way to her.

"Hello there," he said as he approached her. "You're Elviria, aren't you? I'm disappointed that I haven't met you sooner..."

Elviria gulped slightly, her body still shaking the tiniest bit from being chased across town. She looked up at him with frightened eyes, taking the smallest step backwards. "Y-Yeah... Hi," she mumbled, looking back at the ground like the shy girl she was.

"Do you know who I am?" the man said, scoffing when Elviria shook her head no. "I am your master's eldest brother, Aloysius... You should show more respect to your elders, so look at me."

"Y-yes, sorry..." Elviria mumbled, hesitantly looking up at him as the two foxes behind him just giggled.

"That'll do, I suppose..." He said, grabbing hold of her jaw and turning her head this way and that, inspecting her appearance with his gray eyes. "You're so young. One can only wonder why that fool picked you, don't you think, ladies?" He turned to look at the two scantily clad females, who giggled a "Yes, Master" in response. He smiled to himself before grabbing Elviria and pushing her against a wall, one hand on her face and the other on the wall beside her head. "You are cute, though..."

Elviria squeaked as her back was pushed against the wall. Her ears fell back in fright, his thumb rubbing small circles on her cheek. For a moment, she didn't know what to do as his gray eyes stared her down. "Master Cyril!" she finally called, her voice high and crackly.

"Hush!" Aloysius warned, his hand now moving to over her mouth. "You need to be quiet. I'm not going to hurt you," he mumbled, Elviria's eyes now large with tears threatening to spill out.

Aloysius pinned her to the wall, ignoring her soft whimpers as he inspected her body, pulling and tugging at her clothes. "Too much, anyways," he laughed as his own two females grabbed each of Elviria's arms, holding her still as they giggled and watched. "Cyril can't hear you up in his study anyways..."

"Master Cyril..." Elviria thought, closing her eyes tightly. "Help me, please..."She was snapped out of her thoughts when the older man tried to unlace her corset, but she quickly swung her leg up and kneed him in the stomach. This only angered him more and he once more grabbed onto her face, his large, rough hand covering her mouth.

"You shouldn't have done that, you stupid girl..." Aloysius sneered, pushing her back into the stone wall more.

"Aloysius!" a familiar voice rang in Elviria's ears and her eyes wandered to find it, lighting up when she saw a certain red headed male. "Get off of her!" he shouted, his voice growing angrier and angrier with each word he said. He ran over and pushed his brother to the ground. "And you two," he mumbled, his head snapping to the other two girls helping to hold Elviria still. "Get away from her... Now."

The two girls let go as soon as Cyril told them to, stepping away from Elviria. She whimpered quietly, running behind her master to hold onto his shirt with her small hands, her breathe heaving quietly as she peeked around him, staring at who was apparently Cyril's older brother. She quickly looked away, her eyes finding the person she was clutching to's back, biting her bottom lip as for the millionth time after being here, she tried not to cry.

"You're a disgrace of a bother," Cyril said under his breath, his hair covering his eyes slightly. "I don't EVER want to catch you near her again," he continued as the two brothers stared each other down. Cyril punched Aloysius square in the face before he was able to spout a comeback then turned and grabbed Elviria by the wrist, storming away towards the garden.

Elviria quickly followed, jogging a little to keep up with the elder's long legs and fast pace. "C-Cyril, thank you," she said quietly, choking back a frightened sob as her body shook. She told herself to calm down, she was safe now.

"Why didn't you run?" Cyril's pace slowed as they approached the beautiful flowers and ferns decorating the area that surrounded them. "You should have come to find me..." He turned and looked Elviria in the eyes, his own watering just slightly. "He could have really hurt you, Elviria."

"I-I didn't know!" she said quietly, her ears twitching, her dark eyes looking up at him. "He said he was sad he hadn't met me yet. I... I thought he was nice, but he told me to have respect for my elders when I wouldn't look at him and pushed me against the wall," she sobbed, tears spilling from her eyes. "I called for you but he just... H-He tried to..." she trailed off, trying to force out what he tried to do with her corset, but she hiccuped multiple times instead, her eyes searching the ground now, avoiding his eyes completely.

Cyril's grip tightened on Elviria's wrist but he quickly let go when she squealed out in pain. "S-sorry..." he mumbled before wrapping his arms around her. "I lost my temper again... I'm sorry." Cyril whispered softly into her ear as she cried into his chest, her body shaking with each sob. "I was scared... I'm sorry."

"N-No," Elviria whimpered into his chest between sobs, his shirt dampening more with each tear. They stayed like that for a while, Cyril holding her, his hand rubbing her back very slightly until her sobs quieted and the tears gradually stopped enough for her to speak. "Th-Thank you, Cyril," she mumbled, pressing against him. "Thank you. I... I was so scared, I don't even want to think about what would have happened if you didn't show up."

"Don't thank me," Cyril said in a hushed tone. "If it weren't for Lyle and Clyde, I never would have known you needed my help..." Placing his hands on her shoulders, Cyril pulled Elviria back slightly so he could look at her, a soft smile on his face. "They're the ones you should thank."

"Who are they?" she asked quietly, her tone questioning. "Are they more of your brothers?" she added, looking deeply into his eyes as she wondered how exactly she was going to thank them. No words could really express how much they now meant to her as well.

Cyril smiled more and nodded. "Yeah..." he let out a deep breath then reached for Elviria's hand, holding it gently in his own as he led her deeper into the garden, the sounds of children laughing and playing getting louder with each step they took. "Lyle, Clyde..." Cyril called softly.

Two small boys, identical in looks with their brown hair and eyes and tan skin, looked up. They hopped up, abandoning the large toad they had been poking at and playing with, and ran over to the pair.

"Are you okay!?" one boy cried as he bounced up and down in front of Elviria.

"We saw Aloysius picking on you!" the other boy added and they both grabbed her hands, one having to pry it from Cyril's. They pulled her over to the toad, pointing at it proudly. "Want to play with us?"

Elviria's red eyes could help but light up as she looked at the big toad that they had been playing with. Her expression brightened even more with a smile as they asked her if she wanted to play. Being the older girl that she was, and also having never played with anyone as when she was born, she was taken to the slave center where she was taken care of and grown up in with only one friend, a nursemaid. She looked over at Cyril who smiled and nodded, so Elviria turned back to the small boys and did the same. "Sure, I'll play with you!" she exclaimed, squatting down beside the creature.

"I'm Lyle," one of the boys said as he sat down in the grass beside Elviria, handing her a lizard that he had caught as it scattered by. "And he's Clyde. People get us mixed up a lot though."

"I'll try not to," Elviria smiled. "I'm Elviria," she added, carefully stroking the lizard's scaly skin. "You guys like animals, don't you?" she asked, watching as they continued to poke the toad.

"Yeah!" Clyde chirped happily, looking back at Cyril. "Cyril! Come join us!"

"Maybe for a little," Cyril said, sitting across the toad from Elviria. He smiled, watching her and the two small boys play with the lizard and the lazy toad.

"You're pretty, Miss Elviria," Lyle said shyly. "Can I touch your tail?" He smiled wide, showing that he was missing his two front teeth. "Can I? Please?" He looked back to Cyril, who's eyes were wide in shock, then back up to Elviria, eager for permission.

Elviria's eyes widened like her companions for a moment, before a smile broke out on her face and a small giggle erupted from her mouth. "Sure," she said quietly, swinging it around from behind her to lay it down on the grass in between the two. "Go ahead, it's really soft."

Cyril's face softened in relief as he watched his younger brother giggle and run his small fingers through the luxurious fur of Elviria's tail. Clyde quickly scrambled over and shoved Lyle aside a little, squealing: "Me too! Me too!"

Elviria couldn't help the large bubbles of laughter that came out of her, a sound that hadn't been made in such a long time. She watched the small boys argue and shove each other over who could pet her tail, her hair flying everywhere in the wind. She reached up to brush it aside and up behind her large white ears. "There's room for both of you, you know," she said cheerfully, grabbing Clyde's hand and moving him beside Lyle so he could have his own space instead of fighting over a specific part. "Better?" she asked.

Both boys giggled happily and petted Elviria's tail with both hands, their fingers wiggling through the white fluff. Cyril propped his elbow on his knee, and his chin in his hand, smiling as he watched the three laugh together. After several minutes the boys stopped and just snuggled into her large tail, giggling as the fur tickled their noses.

"Sorry, boys," Cyril mumbled as he stood up, brushing himself off. "We have to go now, you can play again tomorrow if it's alright with Elviria." He extended his hand, helping Elviria to her feet when she took it and held it tight, pulling her back into the mansion and making his way to his study with her, remaining silent for the rest of the walk.

Elviria waved goodbye over her shoulder with a smile as she was lead back toward the mansion. When the two were safely back inside the study, Elviria continued to smile, lacing her fingers together behind her and bounced slightly on her feet. "Your brothers are so adorable," she said happily, her tail that had just finished being cuddled swishing around behind her.

"Yeah..." Cyril said softly, letting go of her hand and sitting down at his desk, his face in his hands. "You're cuter, though..." He mumbled, his voice barely audible.

Elviria's eyes widened slightly and her bouncing stopped. Her face grew hot as she looked at him, walking to his desk. Though his voice was quiet and meek, her large cat ears had picked it up. She stood in front of him and his desk, looking down at him as she undid her fingers and let her arms fall to her sides. "You... You really think so?" she asked, her tone matching his.

"Yeah..." Cyril replied quietly, slowly looking up at her between stray locks of red that had fallen in his face. "Can I... Touch your tail too?"

Elviria had to admit that she was taken aback by his request. Her face went even more red as she stood there, her head pounding in time with her frantic heart. All she could manage to do was a shaky nod and a quiet "Mhm" as she slowly walked around the desk to stand beside her master, her tail coming around to gently rest on his lap.

Cyril smiled slightly and hesitantly rested one of his hands on Elviria's tail, entangling his fingers in the pure white fur. "It's soft..." he closed his eyes, gently stroking Elviria's tail for several minutes before he stopped and stood up. His hand slowly reached for the top of her head, where it rested beside one of her ears, his fingers gently scratching and petting. "Is this okay?"

Elviria looked up at him, blushing furiously as she nodded. Her tail twitched at the light scratching on her ears, the feeling new to her as she had only felt once before when Cyril had done it. Her fluffy tail wrapped around her legs and she shut her eyes in delight, a small smile forming on her lips.

"Hey, Elviria..." Cyril stopped petting and pulled her into him so she couldn't see his face. "Let's get married."