15 minutes of writing a day

He kissed her. He kissed her and she slapped him. It took less than a moment, but it changed their world. How could it not? After all, her brother had just kissed her. Her brother, adopted brother to be exact. Never-the-less they had grown up together, as siblings. In fact he was more of a sibling to her than her own 'true' siblings were. Now he had ruined that. Ruined. He had put feelings in the middle of their relationship, feelings that could not be easily removed. He had changed her life with his feelings in that one moment. The bastard. She slapped him again. He didn't even have the courtesy to flinch. That just made it worse. This whole thing was vile, from sitting in the old tree house that had miraculously survived their childhood years, to the feel of his lips on hers. They had had an unspoken agreement 'You like me and I don't like you, so don't try and do anything to change that', kind of agreement. Now he had broken it under what little cover was created by the dilapidated tree house roof. He just sat there, frowning at her. She stared at him bemused for a moment until she realised that, damnitalltohell, she was crying. She went to stand up; he grabbed a hold of her wrist and pulled her straight back down. Right onto his lap and to make matters worse he started murmuring. Nonsense words with a tone of 'don't worry everything will be alright' left his mouth quietly and entered her ears. It was insulting. Like she was some sort of upset child or injured animal. She was a grown woman, and it just made her cry all the more. Damn it all, it was not supposed to be like this. He was never supposed to like her back.